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  An Auto Detailing Revolution Is Under Way!!! There is no question Auto Detailing is a huge industry. Auto detailing consists of three main categories. Exterior cleaning, Interior cleaning and sometimes Engine detailing.  Detailing can be a highly involved and complex business often involving many specialty buffers, compounds and techniques. However, at the heart of all automotive detailing is the basic concept of cleaning a vehicle be it a boat, car or aircraft. Simple removal of dirt, grime, sticky gewy food, bad odors, biological contaminates and grease is what its about.

Traditional auto detailing requires a lot of effort, water and a great deal of chemicals. Today, the "in crowd" of modern detailers, if you will, all know that there is a but MUCH better option. Steam!

Any detailer that has used one of our amazing dry vapor steam cleaner systems will tell you that these are must have systems. Once a detailer uses steam, they are hooked for life. Why? BECAUSE THEY WORK! Vapor steam cleans the outside and inside of a car like nothing else. They use about 1 gallon of water an hour, are 100% mobile and many come packed with features like hot water injection or hot detergent injection.

Imagine cleaning car seats and leaving behind NO water! Seats that are virtually 100% Dry just a few minutes, if not instantly. Imagine no filling and empting a bulky expensive extractor. Imagine killing odor causing bacteria and mold during the normal course of use. Imagine sanitizing vents without having to disassemble them. Imagine, one machine that can clean the entire inside of a car AND also be used to do the outside of the car. Well, this is dry vapor steam! A good steam cleaner is a true must have for auto detailing. It has been said that a dog is mans best friend. In kind, a vapor steam cleaner is an auto detailers best friend! Your, just a click away from your own new automotive vapor steam system! Learn more here...


  Clean Leather Seats Fast & Deep! Yes, steam cleans leather seats! How does it work? Moisture and heat! (check out the video inside) The moist steam heat gently softens the leather opening its pores making it soft and easy to clean. Once the pores of the leather are open the dirt and oil is easily removed.  The moist gentle steam also melts the body oils, dirt and grime quickly allowing them to be released from the surface in record time. This is the key to our professional vapor steam systems overwhelming success in this field.

Seats that would normally be difficult to clean, clean with ease using our vapor steam systems. Simply spray on your favorite leather cleaning liquid (some say 409 works well) and steam the surface with the included upholstery brush or optional horse hair brushes for that special touch. Once done, wipe clean. You may optionally put on a coat of your favorite leather conditioner when your done. Either way, the results speak for them selves. Safe, effective all natural vapor steam works! The ultimate auto detail professionals tool. Learn more here...

  Barefootin' clean! Yep, she really loves a clean car! So, how do you clean Upholstery & Rugs to 'toe wiggling' perfection? There are many great techniques but two stand out front and center. Lets discuss this here. The classic way is using an hot water extractor. Yes, we sell those too! We provide you the options, you choose! An extractor sprays soapy water while simultaneously vacuuming it up. The second way is the dry vapor steam way. Many in the industry find this steam method superior on many fronts but not all.

So, lets discuss the UP side of an automotive detail extractor. The up side is that for cars with thick mud and really heavy soil they are ideal. They can flush the carpet clean with soapy water and extract (vacuum) up the mess fast. They also, when applied right do a wonderful job clearing fabric. There is no question that a quality hot water extractor like the ones we offer are good tools to have in your auto detailing kit.
View Auto Detail Extractor Comparison Chart

The down side to a hot water auto detail extractor? Well, the down side of an extractor is water, and lots of it. They can put down as much as one gallon of water per minute and may require filling and empting often. They also rely on chemicals to do the job. The problem is when your done, the car is wet!  If not properly done you can have a problem with mold or a phenomena called wicking. Wicking is when a stain under the fabric gets wet and as it dries, the stain "wicks" up through the fabric. When the job is done it looks great. A few hours later you may have a stain. The other problem is you really don't want to sit on a seat that was just extracted as it is wet. All that being said, extractors have their place.

So now lets discuss the UP side to our Vapor Steam Cleaner systems. The up side is,, well,,, many fold. First, they are very dry. Instead of a gallon of water a minute they use more like one gallon of water per hour! That is dry! Using a brush or a cloth covered brush you can buff the seats with this dry steam. This means almost instantly dry seats and floors. They also require NO chemicals to operate. Of course, optionally, if you like you can always give a few squirts of your favorite upholstery cleaner. The super heated steam kills odor causing mold, bacteria and other biological contaminates on contact. They also quickly loosen greasy stains and grime which then easily transfer into your microfiber cloth. It is really that simple. Using various techniques you can clean the carpet, seats, mats, and all the hard surfaces in the car. There is really virtually nothing you can clean inside of a car.
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Muddy messes? No problem! Imagine you have one of those rare situations that the floor is caked in mud. If your vapor steam cleaner is equipped with either hot water injection or chemical injection this is not a problem. First suck off the heavy dirt with your wet/dry vacuum. Next use the super heated hot water or chemical injection system to blast the carpet clean while at the same time sucking up the moister and mud with your vacuum. This works in much the same way as a hot water extractor but without one. Auto detailing dry vapor steam cleaners are extremely versatile. I must have tool for the automotive detailing professional or the serious car enthusiast!

Recommended For
Auto Detailing & Dry Carwash
View Steam Cleaner Comparison Chart
Recommended For
Auto Detailing & Dry Carwash
View Steam Cleaner Comparison Chart
Recommended For
Auto Detailing & Dry Carwash
View Steam Cleaner Comparison Chart
Recommended For
Auto Detailing & Dry Carwash
View Steam Cleaner Comparison Chart
Recommended For
Auto Detailing & Occasional Dry Carwash
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Recommended For
Auto Detailing Only
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Most Powerful 145 PSI - Chemical
& Water Injection + Cart & More!


Powerful 90 PSI - Chemical & Water
 Injection + Cart & More!


Powerful 72 PSI - Chemical
& Water Injection


Powerful 72 PSI
Hot Water Injection


Very Popular Ideal Interior Detailer
65 PSI Hot Water Injection Great
Accessory Kit
ONLY $995!

50 PSI, light duty plastic
basic dry vapor only

Light Duty
Most Power Popular Favorite!


  New Popular Favorite!


  Detailer Popular Favorite!


  Automotive Detail Carpet and Upholstery Extractors Below in Blue

Small Jobs & Small Budget
Lowest Price - Easy Portable Extractor
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Everything You Need in an Extractor,
Heat, Power, Portability & Low Price!
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Awesome! Our Most Popular, twin 6 gallon
All the Power, Low Profile & Price...
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All the power with HUGE 11 Gallon Recovery
& Solution Tanks
for longer run times
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Very Cool looking & lots of gadgets. A great
Idea but we prefer the Grand Prix or Spider
View Auto Detail Extractor Comparison Chart


Powerful Steam Cleaner Technology Works!

From sanitary steam mopping and powerful tile & grout cleaning to commercial cleaning of restrooms, restaurant equipment, printing presses, bed bug removal, pest control and more. A commercial vapor steam machine or vapor steam cleaner is one of the most versatile pieces of cleaning equipment on the planet! From home to heavy commercial, industrial and military grade use, we have the right steam cleaning equipment and steam machine for your specific needs! We also have a large selection of other cleaning technologies and equipment as well. Click here for more. If you are not sure which vapor steamer is best for your specific needs give us a call, we can help help you with your decision. We hope hear from you soon!




                             Green Arrow = Editors Choice (Based On Overall Features, Performance & Price)                      

  Super Vapor 6 VC 5000-Ci    4000-CBest Seller!  VC 4000-S     VC 3000-X VC 3000 Home VAPamore MR-100
Exclusive: Available  BED BUG Attachments
Continuous Fill, Dual Tank Technology
Standard 15A, 115V Household Outlet
95%+ Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner Output
100% Adjustable Steam Cleaner Steam Flow
Low Water Indicator Light and/or Sound
Accessories Included.
See Pages for list of parts
Detachable Hose For Easy Replacement
Full Commercial Warranty coverage for businesses
Stainless Steel Boiler System
Stainless Steel Body Heavy Duty Construction
Steam Activation Trigger On Handle
Hot Water Injection
Hot Chemical /Soap
   Injection System
Hot Injection Activation
On Steam Gun Handle
Ultra Portable, Light
Weight Standard 115V
Solid State Single Tank Technology
Max PSI. Steam Cleaner Steam Pressure At Tip 90 PSI 72.5 PSI 72.5 PSI 65 PSI 65 PSI 65 PSI 50 PSI
Steam Cleaner Wattage or Power Used 1,700 W  -  115V 1,800 W  -  115V 1,800 W  -  115V 1,600 W  -  115V 1,400 W  -  115V 1,300 W  -  115V 1,500 W  -  115V
Approximate Weight, Without Accessories 48 Lbs. 36 Lbs. 32 Lbs. 28 Lbs. 23 Lbs. 23 Lbs. 10 Lbs.
Approx. Run Time Without Cool Down

Continuous Use
No Cool Down

Continuous Use
No Cool Down
Continuous Use
No Cool Down

 High: Continuous 1.5hr
 Low:  Continuous 4.0hr

 High: Continuous 1.0hr
 Low:  Continuous 3.0hr

 High: Continuous 1.0hr 
 Low:  Continuous 3.0hr

 High: Continuous 35 Min
 Low: Continuous 60 Min

Boiler Size / Steam Generation System 5 Liter Refill Tank  
3 Liter Boiler Tank
2 Liter Refill Tank  
3 Liter Boiler Tank
2 Liter Refill Tank  
3 Liter Boiler Tank
4 Liter Boiler Tank,
Solid State Design
3 Liter Boiler Tank,
Solid State Design
3 Liter Boiler Tank,
Solid State Design
1.6 Liter Boiler Tank,
Solid State Design


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Why a steamer, what are the benefits?
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        The basic types of commercial boilers & steam generators
ST or Single Tank Steam Cleaner Technology, What is it?
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CF or Continuous Fill Steam Cleaner Technology, What is it?
 - The pros & cons to a CF or Continuous Fill Systems?

Commercial Use: What Is Hot Water Injection? How does it work?
Commercial Steam: What is chemical injection? How does it work?
Can I put chemicals in my vapor steamer?

Does Wattage / Electric Power Matter?
Can I have to much wattage?
What Steamer Is Best for my home or commercial application

VIDEOS: See All Demo & Help Videos (Steam Video)
Hard Wood Floor Steam Mopping (Help Page)
Tile & Grout Cleaning With Vapor Steam Cleaner (Help Page)
Pre-Treat Grout With Oxy Bleach Grout De-Stainer (Help Page)
Commercial Kitchen Steam Cleaning steam machine (Steam Video)
Commercial Bathroom Cleaning With a Steamer (Steam Video)
Cleaning Leather Seats With Dry Vapor Steam (Steam Video)
PEST CONTROL: Killing Bedbugs Commercial & Home
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PEST CONTROL: Killing Drain Flies - Commercial Kitchen Steamers
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JUST RENEW-IT!, Raising The Bar!
 ~    OUR PROMISE:   #1) As you can see from our Help Center partly shown above and from the information provided on each commercial steam cleaner and home steamer page that we will and do go out of our way to provide you as much information as we can on any given piece of equipment. As you know, most mass online vendors give you a picture and a paragraph. We offer you much more. We do this to insure that your heart felt desire to make the best choice for you, your family or your organization is met. We want every customer to be as sure and comfortable as possible when making a product choice. Information is power.  #2) We will NEVER try to sell you a commercial or vapor steam cleaner or any other piece of commercial equipment unless we feel it absolutely fits your application, If we are unsure we WILL let you know. There are absolutely NO "Yes
Men" or women for that matter working at Just Renew-It! We would rather turn down a sale then have an unhappy customer. Before you buy, we encourage you to give us a call. Put our knowledge to the test and experience the Just Renew-It! difference for yourself. Our experienced staff can quickly help you decide if the steam cleaner you are looking at is right for you. If we feel it is not we will tell you! We routinely point customers that were looking at more expensive units to less expensive ones that better fit their needs and save them money. Being a thriving business with a large product line means that we can offer  you choices.  Just Renew-It! Honesty First!

JUST RENEW-IT!  The Future Is Now!
Providing only world class, state of the
art cleaning equipment

Have you ever wondered where the future of cleaning equipment is going? The answer is simple. Bigger, Better, Faster and Green!
 We are proud to help lead this revolution with our full line of world class Vapor Steam Cleaners and super heated portable carpet extractors.
~   Using state of the art technology and intuitive high tech designs manufactures are now beginning to create cleaning powerhouses.
 Our finally crafted, Italian made Dry Vapor Commercial Steam Cleaners and Steam Cleaners were the VERY FIRST BRAND OF VAPOR STEAM CLEANERS EVER SOLD IN THE US. The competition falsely make this claim ONLY because they use to carry our product line! Even though they now carry a different product line, (not the original) they shamelessly continue to use this as a sales pitch. Ours is the most widely used brand of commercial steam cleaners in the United States Of America.
 Note, "Vapor Steam Cleaners",  "Steam Cleaners", "Steamers" and "Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners" are used interchangeably through the web site.
 Our home and commercial steam cleaners have and continue to prove them selves and have been put to the test by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, fast food places, military bases, factories, supermarkets, janitorial businesses, commercial cleaning contractors and many more. The are a 100% PROVEN TECHNOLOGY!
 Just Renew-It's Vapor Steam Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Steam Pressure Washers are HIGHLY RATED by our PROFESSIONAL end users. The proof is in the return. Once a company has tried our vapor steam products they often come back for more!
 All of our vapor steam cleaners are CE certified. That is one of the highest electrical standards in the world.

Who Do You Buy From?
Your Choice Of Steam Cleaner Companies can be Critical

The JUST RENEW-IT! Difference:
~   Just Renew-It's sales team is made up of professionals that have ACTUALLY WORKED IN THE CLEANING BUSINESS. This makes all the difference in the world. Very few of our competitors can say that and even fewer can say that they have actually used their steam cleaner products in a professional manner. This hands on experience with Vapor Steam Cleaner technology gives us the edge. This combined with our vapor steam cleaners limited lifetime warranty and outstanding support and technical service makes us an industry leader in industrial supplies and commercial equipment.
 Another big difference is at Just Renew-It! you will be treated with the respect you deserve. We will take as much time as needed to explain the difference between our many commercial vapor steam cleaners, hard surface cleaners, carpet extractors etc. You will find we have a wealth of knowledge that we openly share.
~   Just Renew-It! Is Unlike Other Vendors. We will NEVER try to sell you a steam cleaner, or any other piece of equipment if we feel it may not work for you or suit your application. In fact, we talk many customers out of sales rather then push them into something they don't really need. Our sales staff DOES NOT WORK ON COMMISSION! This means NO PUSHY Steam Cleaner Sales People. We go out of our way to make sure you are getting the right steam cleaner or correct piece of commercial cleaning equipment for the job.
~   Be aware that there are some dubious vendors that claim to be the worlds first, and the worlds best with millions of square feet of factory space (that is not in fact their steam cleaner factory, just their suppliers factory!) or sites that use phony, homemade and outdated "comparison charts" or "consumer reviews" to trick you into thinking that their unit is some how better. At Just Renew-It! we prefer to take the straight forward honest approach.
~   We promise fast service, straight talk and honest answers. Our faith in God, love of family and country are at our core. We think that when you call us you will find us a pleasure to work with.

Just Renew-It! versus other companies and product lines

~    OUR PROMISE: We will NEVER try to sell you a piece of equipment unless we feel it absolutely fits your application. There are absolutely NO "Yes Men" or women for that matter working at Just Renew-It! We would rather turn down a sale then have an unhappy customer! Before you buy, we encourage you to give us a call. Put our knowledge to the test and experience the Just Renew-It! difference for yourself. Our experienced staff can quickly help you decide if the item you are looking at is right for you and again, if we feel it is not we will tell you! We routinely point customers that were looking at more expensive units to less expensive ones that better fit their needs saving them money. Being a thriving business means that we can afford to be honest.  Just Renew-It! Honesty First!
  Just Renew-It! offers a wide range of products from multiple manufactures, although virtually all of your vapor steam cleaners come from once source. Our steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners and other products number into the hundreds. More = More Choices!
~   Other companies will sell anything to make a buck. Just Renew-It! carefully hand picks its products based on reputation. We only pick the best of the best. One example, our wet steam cleaners were invented in 1927 and was the first steam pressure washer in the world and remains a world leader in INDUSTRIAL grade steam pressure washing systems.
~   Our steam cleaners were picked for their time in service and reputation. Our vapor steam cleaner product line was the first dry vapor steam systems ever to be used or sold in the United States. Before that, there were only wet steam pressure washer systems.
~   Many other vendors only have one vapor steam cleaner that they sell! Just One! Do you really think they will try to pass you on to a bigger, better or even smaller vapor steamer when they don't carry one? If you want an honest opinion you have to have choices.
 Other companies sell hundreds and even thousands of items both related and unrelated. These sites often have short, inadequate descriptions of there low quality plastic home use steamer products. When you call them to ask a question you find the answering service simply refers you back to the ad you called on in the first place. Just Renew-It's professionals are happy to assist you with your home or commercial steam cleaner questions.
~   Just Renew-It! has a full line of home vapor steam cleaners, commercial steam cleaners and heavy duty dry vapor industrial steam cleaner systems featuring state of the art continuous fill technology, hot chemical injection systems, integrated steam vacuums and dual heating element technology.
 Give us a call, we will be happy to discuss what you are looking to use the equipment for and help you sort through our product lines to find what is best for your needs. Remember, Just Renew-It's large product line of vapor steam cleaners, carpet extractors and commercial cleaning equipment means we give you choices. Choice is power! Check out our full line of vapor steam cleaning machines for more information.




Dry Car Wash Service Steam Cleaner
NEW: Dry Car Wash Section
Mobile Auto Detailer Car Wash Systems!
Clean Tile & Grout Steam Cleaners
Tile &
Grout Cleaning & How To
Leather Seat Vapor Steam Cleaner
Clean Leather Seats Auto Detail
Bed Bug Killing Steam Cleaner
Bed Bug Control & Extermination

    AC Coil Cleaning with a Steam Cleaner
Steam Clean AC Coils Fast

.Auto Detail Upholstery Extractor
Auto Detail Upholstery Cleaners

Commercial Carpet Extractors Rug Cleaner
Mobile Steam Carpet Extractors.

Wet Steam Pressure Washers
3 Way
Steam Pressure Washers

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Our Vapor Steam Cleaners Have Over 24 Years Of Service & Dependability In The US! We Also Carry The Industry Leading Elite Class Auto Detail Extractors and Carpet Extractors! Jenny Invented Wet Steam Cleaning / Pressure Washing In 1927 And Have Been An Industry Leading American Pressure Washer Company Ever Since! Record Breaking! The First & Best line of Wet & Vapor Steam Cleaner Systems Ever Sold in the United States! AN UNTOUCHABLE RECORD! Well Over 100,000 Vapor Steam Cleaners Sold!
Constant improvements, upgrades & falling prices bring you these fantastic, affordable, state of
the art Auto Detail, Upholstery & Carpet Extractors. From Mom's house to the US Military,
fast food restaurant to luxury cruise ships, Just Renew-It Delivers Quality Products!


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