* We Are Purchase Order Friendly
Not all options available with all items.


6 Convenient Payment Options


Option 1:  Anyone can pay instantly and securely online using a credit card. Often orders ship out the same day.

Option 2:  For the ultimate in security and peace of mind, simply call your order in and let one of our friendly, live sales representatives answers your questions and process your credit card right over the phone. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express cards.  Call  1-800-490-1886

Option 3: WE ARE GOVERNMENT FRIENDLY.   We accept PO's (purchase orders) from city, state and federal agencies. We are happy to work with you to fulfill orders ranging from one unit to thousands of units. We are also happy to participate in contract bids. Call to set up an order. 1-800-490-1886.

Option 4: WE ARE CORPORATE FRIENDLY. We can fulfill purchase orders ranging from small to large with ease. Our fulfillment department is there to help.

Option 5: If you don't have access to a credit card we do accept checks.

Option 6:  If you do not have access to a credit card you may send us a US Postal Money Order. To do this simply give us a call. We will provide you with your item or items total price as well as tell you how to make the money order out, and where to send it. You can get a money order at any US Post Office. Simply give them the money and they will exchange it for a money order. We do not accept international money orders. You must get your money order from a US Post Office.

What is a money order?
A money order is similar in appearance to a check and also works in a similar fashion. The main difference between a money order and a check is that the money order is guaranteed funds. This means as soon as we get your money order we can process your order and get your item shipped out to you as fast as possible. A money order is obtained by paying an agent, such as a US Post Office teller. The fee is very small, often under 1 dollar. You then give the agent the cash you want converted into a money order. The agent then prints you out something that resembles a check. This is your money order.




Credit Cards, Money Orders, Purchase Orders & Checks

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