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Monday, October 1st, 2012 at 10:18 am

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Steam Cleaner Information Center Page #2

The following pages below will give you additional information about the many uses and benefits of cleaning with a dry vapor steam cleaner. Here you will find out how to eliminate dust-mites, flees and bed bugs or how to clean up after a pet who has made a bit of a mess on you floor. We will also try to cover a host of other areas from tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, dry car washing, janitorial work, hardwood floor steam mopping and much more all using the power of a good steam cleaner. We will also tackle some of the misconceptions people have about what a "steam cleaner" actually is. So get ready, grab a cup of coffee and follow the links directly to your right or click next page at the bottom right to browse to the information that interests you. We are always adding helpful information to the Just Renew-It Industrial Supply Steam Cleaner Information Center so check back often to see what may be new.

Note, for fast answer we have a developed full steam cleaner help center just for you! Click here.


What Are Some Features Available on a Steam Cleaner?


Dry Steam Cleaners:

Not all steam cleaner are created equal. Lets take a few moments to look at some of the primary features available on steam cleaners today. All dry vapor steam cleaners should produce a pretty dry steam. All of our units provide you with a powerful flow of dry vapor steam up to 96% dry. The dry steam is a standard features an all such steam cleaners. Our home use VC3000 Red Steam Cleaner and our VC3000X Light Commercial Steam Cleaner as well as our MR-100 steamer offer just that, clean, pure dry steam and at affordable prices.

Dry Steam Cleaner Applications: There are literally thousands of applications for a steam cleaner. We often hear back from our customers with unique and very specific uses they have found for their steam cleaners. Their super heated steam is perfect for sanitizing surfaces. Remember that the FDA only requires temperatures of 150 degrees F. to pasteurize milk and juice. This temperature is perfect for killing bacteria and other pathogens. Our dry vapor steam cleaner systems reach temperatures well over 210 degrees F at the nozzle tip. These temperatures far exceed FDA standards!  But wait, its not just about sanitizing right? No, its also about cleaning. The super heated pressurized steam does an amazing job of releasing dirt and grease from the microscopic pours of a surface. Some consider steam as the indispensable tool when it comes to deep cleaning of surfaces. Cleaning and sanitizing are just the tip of the ice burg. In later sections we will tackle specific cleaning applications for your new steam cleaner.


Hot Water Injection Steam Cleaners

Some steam cleaner systems offer hot water injection. This is a powerful feature that can be a big help in some cleaning situations. Our 4000-S Steam Cleaner, 4000-C Steam Cleaner, 5000-C- Steam Cleaner as well as our Super Vapor 6 Steam Cleaners all offer hot water injection as well as dry steam vapor as standard, include options.

So, what is hot water injection? Simply put, this feature allows you to activate a very wet steam feature with a push of a button on your steam cleaner or steam cleaners gun. Simply activate the hot water injector and out comes a blast of super heated water in a sort of spitting / spattering spray mingled with the steam. This can be a powerful cleaning and rinsing tool. Personally, after having used all of these steam cleaners I would always want at least a hot water injection system.

What is it used for? There is no one answer as there are thousands of possible uses for a steam cleaner. Let me give you some examples from my personal experience. In my early years using steam cleaners I pretty much did not know about hot water injection. My first unit was the 4000-S. Though I played with it I never really use the hot water injection until one day when the lights came on sort of speak. You see, I was cleaning windows and their tracks at our home. You know, a standard window that goes up and down that has a glass and screen behind it. Well, often these end up with spider webs and dust and grime build up over time. As I was cleaning with the dry steam only I found it was taking longer then I wanted. The dry vapor steam cleaner was doing a good job cleaning but dry steam alone has little rinsing power. I was having to work the dirt down the tracks. I decided to give the hot water injection a shot. I was absolutely amazed at the difference. Until that time I told people the injection system was for rinsing only. Well, it not only rinsed those tracks down but it helped clean them too. A track that would have taken 30 seconds now only took maybe 5 seconds to do. Just have some terry towels to catch the moisture.

Another example: Some years later I had upgraded to the more powerful 4000-C steam cleaner. My friends had just purchased a home and were cleaning it up. They had pulled out the stove to clean behind it and discovered years of ugly grease caked on to the tile wall. Laurie went to work with the steam and it was cleaning nicely but not rapidly. I advised her to try the hot water injection. Later on she excitedly told what a huge difference it made. I forget the exact quote but it was something like this. "I was using the steam cleaner to scrub the grease behind the stove but when I turned on the hot water injection it was amazing, it was soooooo much better!" Laurie was very impressed and I was happy to hear it. Steam alone does an amazing job but when you add a little rinsing action it can really help to break up grease and grime faster.

One more example: I made a steam cleaner video for the dry car washing industry a few years ago. I used the 4000-S Steam Cleaner. In dry steam mode it worked great. However, with a flick of the hot water injection button I was able to triple the speed of the cleaning. Now be advised, if you run the steam cleaners hot water injection all the time you will go through water faster. I find that when I'm cleaning in the janitorial range I use the injection button only once in a while. Most cleaning is done in dry steam mode only but when needed, hot water injection makes a huge difference when steam cleaning. Personally, I would never be without it.


Chemical / Hot Detergent Injection Steam Cleaners

Some of our systems have what is called chemical injection or hot detergent injection. These steam cleaner injection tanks can be filled with either detergent or simple water allowing you the best of both the worlds of hot water injection and chemical injection. If you are going to do a lot of greasy work, sticker removal, bubble gum removal and all around greasy grimy work or just want to add an additional sanitizing agent you want a chemical injection steam cleaner. We offer two top of the line chemical injection steam cleaner systems. The 5000-Ci Steam Cleaner and the Super Vapor 6 Steam Cleaner. I like the 5000-Ci due to its slightly higher wattage, compact size and much lower price. It is truly commercial / industrial grade.

What is it used for? If you read the section above on hot water injection you have a good idea. Remember the section where my friend Laurie was cleaning the grease with the steam cleaner I loaned her? Well, if she had a hot detergent injection system the job would have gone even faster. The detergent also helps with the wipe up after. The detergent breaks up the grease molecules faster and more efficiently leaving a grease free surface.

Who's using Chem injection Steam Cleaners? Thousands of commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels and home owners have chosen to go with the best of the best, a hot water and chemical injection steam cleaner. These systems give you three functions in one unit. First, a super heated dry steam vapor sanitizer, Second a hot water injection steam cleaner and third, fill the chemical tank with detergent and now you are really cleaning with ultimate power. The potential uses are endless. From greasy kitchen grills, deep fryers, ice-cream machines, auto mechanic work, degreasing of parts, jewelry cleaning, antique detailing, auto detail for car interiors, dry car wash, application of zip wax for cars, tile surfaces, and so much more. Of course, that is just talking about the chemical injection part of these steam cleaner systems. You can of course do everything else a dry vapor steam cleaner can do such as floor grout cleaning, steam mopping of tile and hard wood floors and so much more. No matter what steam cleaner you pick, vapor steam cleaners work!

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Steam Cleaner Information Links
 Page #1: Posted 9-28-2012
Steam Cleaner 101 Introduction
  What is a steam cleaner?
  Common uses of the Name Steam Cleaner
  Some Basic Kinds & Types of Steam Cleaners

Page #2: Posted 10-01-2012
Features Available On Steam Cleaners
  Dry Steam Cleaner Mode - What is it?
  Steam Cleaner Hot Water Injection Mode
  Chemical Injection Steam Cleaners

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Page #4: Written 8-10-2012
What is a Commercial Steam Cleaner
  What is the difference between Home & Pro?
  Water Usage of a Commercial Steam Cleaner
  Commercial Steam Cleaner Kills Bed Bugs
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