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Deluxe Prep Center Industrial Auto Detail Center

Full Feature Upholstery / Auto Detail Extractor + 120-PSI + 210 F Hot Solution + 137" Water Lift Vac!

Overview: The prep center is designed to be a virtual all in one auto detail work center. Includes just about everything except an air compressor. This is the answer to your auto detailing needs, all in one place. It’s the versatile Mytee® 20–110 Deluxe Prep Center™ automotive detailer. The first machine ever produced by Mytee®, it’s a longtime favorite of mobile detailers, car washes, used and new car dealerships, body shops, vehicle auctions and auto rental agencies. This mobile all-in-one workstation performs a variety of jobs with a single 25’ power cord. Save time, money and increase production by not moving vehicles from machine to machine for each detailing task.

Speed is king. Imagine setting up a detail shop. To get cars done quickly, you’ll need to buy a wet - dry vacuum, dry vacuum tools, a carpet extractor, a water heater, upholstery cleaning tools, a chemical dispensing unit, multiple spray bottles, a blower attachment for your compressor, a dryer, and a toolbox. Wow. Now imagine that you can buy a machine that will take the place of the laundry list above. Imagine a unit you can pull a car up to, and do a complete and thorough interior detail on in one spot. Imagine the saved time. Imagine the saved money!

Now you can stop imagining. The Deluxe Prep Center™ is ready to take on all of the tasks shown on this page, and more. Best of all, it only needs a single electrical outlet, and a shop air source (your air compressor) to run. Great for use in car washes, auto auctions, auto rental agencies, car dealers, mechanics, and body shops - anywhere high volume detailing need to get done quickly. Don’t let your detail shop slow you down. Get back on track with the Deluxe Prep Center™.
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Features in a nutshell: This Deluxe Prep Center by Mytee is an automotive detail extractor and work station. It runs off of a Single standard 120Volt power cord! With the heater on it draws close to 20 amps. With the heater off it will run on less then 15 amps   6 gallon solution tank.  120 PSI Solution Spray.  Strong 137" water lift / suction. 1200 Watt In-line heater. Produces up to 210°F Heated solution.  Portable.  Designed for Professional / Commercial Use. Connects to your own air compressor When air is connected it has 4 chemical dispensers with adjustable guns and 25' flex hoses for application of various cleaning products like tire dressing, leather conditioner, soap, upholstery cleaner, windex and son on. Comes with drying attachments Comes with Vacuum attachments. This system comes complete and Ready To Work Out of the Box!    Also Includes 15 Foot Long vacuum and solution hoses & 15 foot drying / vac hose as well as our  pro grade 3" wide Stainless Steel Upholstery Cleaning Tool.  All this is housed in an industry leading  roto-molded polyethylene housing that wont rust or dent! Comes standard with Mytee's Full Professional warranty. Top this off with our exclusive best price guarantee and there is not much left to say. The Tempo spotter is a great little cold water auto detail extractor that works!

 Auto Detail DELUXE PREP CENTER - FRONT               Auto Detail DELUXE PREP CENTER - SIDE               Auto Detail DELUXE PREP- Chemical Hatch Open               Auto Detail DELUXE PREP CENTER - Fully Loaded With Accessories               Auto Detail DELUXE PREP CENTER - Rear Solution and Dirty Water Tank

SPECIAL NOTE: The 4 Chemical Sprayers Are Powered By YOUR Own Shop Air Compressor. The air inlet is on the back. There is also a quick connect air socket in front incase you want to connect your air compressor hose for detail work! It seems they have thought of everything with the Deluxe Prep Center!
    Elite Class, Professional Grade 3 Inch, Stainless Steel Hand Held Upholstery Wand
    15 Foot Heavy Duty Vacuum Hose & 15 Foot High Pressure Solution Hoses bundled together with removable velcro straps
    15 Drying Hose - Used to blow dry cup holders, tight spaces, doors, wheels and car interiors and more
    Dry Vac Crevice and Claw tool. Claw tool is shown in red below. Used for open areas like floors & seats. Crevice is for tight spaces
    Four 25' EZ Spray Chemical Hoses With Triggers. These color coded sprayers allow for easy application of your favorite chemicals
   Built-in Quick Connect Air Compressor Inlet, 40PSI Regulator and Quick Connect Air Outlet for your air compressor hose!
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