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Spyder HP-60 Industrial Auto Detail Extractor

High Power Upholstery / Auto Detail Extractor + 120-PSI + 210 F Hot Solution + 137" Water Lift Vac!

Single 120V Power  210-F Degree Heater!   3 Stage Vacuum  2 Six Gallon Tanks!  Accessories Included!

Overview: The Mytee Spyder HP-60 Auto Detail Extractor & Upholstery Cleaner has a fantastic track recorded. It is hands down our best selling auto detail extractor! Why? Many reasons but the bottom line is it has all the heat, pump and suction power of our larger units yet is priced amazingly low. All this combined with Mytee's rock solid reputation make the Spyder the #1 choice of auto detail professionals nation wide. It’s a longtime favorite of mobile detailers, car washes, used and new car dealerships, body shops, vehicle auctions and auto rental agencies. Power, Performance, Durability and price - The perfect package! 

The Spyder HP60 has been an industry leader in auto detail and upholstery cleaning for over a decade! Introduced in 1997, it is a well established member of our hand picked extreme commercial / professional auto detail extractors. Its high power and very low price has made it our best selling extractor since its introduction. The only auto detail extractor to rival this one is our HP-100 Auto Detail Extractor boasting two larger 12 gallon tanks instead of the Spyders 6 gallon tanks. Further more, the rock solid design has left us with virtually no calls for service. That is rare indeed! When you want rock solid dependability and maximum power you want the Spyder HP-60 or the Grand Prix HP-100!

Features in a nutshell: This Mytee runs off of a Single 120Volt power cord! Features "Real Heat™"   A Powerful 1,200-watt in-line Heater for almost instant warm-up time. Boasting Solution Temperatures up to 210˚ F jetting out at 120 PSI! This super heated blasting power means you will be blasting away and breaking up grease and dirt fast! The powerful 3-stage Vacuum motor has Massive suction of 100-CFM / 137" water lift power! Now that's suction! The right suction power means cleaner and dryer seats / upholstery / rugs!  Dryer seats = happier customers! This system comes complete and Ready To Work Out of the Box!    Includes 15' vacuum and solution house as well as our pro grade 3" wide Stainless Steel Upholstery Cleaning Tool! Option to add a crevice tool or even a carpet wand for indoor carpets is available. All this is housed in an industry leading  roto-molded polyethylene housing that wont rust or dent! Comes standard with Mytee's Full Professional warranty. Top this off with our exclusive best price guarantee and there is not much left to say. The HP-60 is our best seller for a reason - It works & works great!

Big engine, Small Chassie
Our Elite Class Spyder's compact size and raw power makes it the perfect extractor for the mobile detailer, auto dealership, car rental shop, professional upholstery cleaner or for spot cleaning of large carpets. Don't let its size fool you. The Spyder has all the cleaning power of its big brother the Deluxe Prep Center. A full 120 PSI demand pump, powerful 3 stage vacuum motor (massive 137" water lift!) and a powerful in line 1200 watt water/solution heater. .

The Spyder is the perfect machine for the mobile auto detail professional. Half the size of most other machines, but all the power! It features compare virtually exactly to the specifications to our larger auto detail extractors. Specifically the Mytee HP100 and the Deluxe Prep Center, and absolutely rivals any of our competitions full size units in performance. Perfect for situations where space is limited. Easy transport, easy to store, even easier on the budget. More power than you’d expect from a unit this affordable.

BENEFITS Designed for heavy, continuous use over time, the Mytee Spyder HP-60 contains a durable 120 PSI pump, as well as a powerful three-stage vacuum motor. CONVENIENCE & SAFETY The Spyder HP60’s single 25’ extension cord is easy to handle, Unit is very portable and easy to store. EFFICIENCY The Mytee Spyder HP60 is so efficient it can maintain heat and water lift comparable to most of our competitor’s dual cord units while still using a single cord. PERFORMANCE: The 1200 watt in-line heater provides hot water or cleaning solution, ensuring that grease and dirt are broken up quickly. The powerful 137" water lift vacuum cleans fast and removes more water. The powerful 120 PSI injection pump blasts dirt loose.

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