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Tempo Spotter Pro Upholstery Cleaner, Portable Auto Detail Extractor & Spotter
For full automotive detailer applications, upholstery and spot cleaning of carpets . Perfect for cleaning car seats, car rugs, upholstery, floor mats and even office furniture, couches & chairs. This unit is NOT heated but you can add hot tap water to your solution tank. Powerful and affordable, it works! 


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S-300 Tempo Spotter Upholstery Extractor

Portable Upholstery / Auto Detail Extractor + 120-PSI + 85" Water Lift Vac!

Single 120V Power     55 PSI    NO Heater     85" Water Lift Vacuum    1.5 Gallon Tank!     100% Portable!

Overview: The Mytee S-300 Tempo Spotter is a ultra portable Auto Detail Extractor, Upholstery Cleaner and carpet spot cleaner. I have the temp spotter and I really like it. Though it might be nice if it had heat I find its not necessary for my use. When I want hot water I just use hot tap water mixed with my favorite upholstery cleaning solution. This pretty much does the trick. The more then adequate power and convenience of its small package makes it perfect for my uses. It cleans my cars beautifully yet doesn't take up much space in my storage area. Designed for the pro, it works great at my home & office. I would have to add, if I were doing a lot of auto detail work and could afford it, I would probably buy either the Mytee Light 2 or the Spyder HP60 as they have larger tanks and are heated.

If you are a auto detail professional on a budget, an office or hotel manager looking for an easy way to clean your office seats or anyone else looking to clean upholstery but just don't want to spring for a larger more expensive unit the Tempo Spotter might be the solution you're looking for. Its compact size means it fits neatly on a shelf or on the front seat of your car. For the price It makes a good little ultra portable auto detail extractor. See Videos Below...

Features in a nutshell: This Mytee runs off of a Single standard 120Volt power cord!   1.5 gallon solution tank.   55 PSI Solution Spray. Strong 85" water lift / suction. Ultra compact and portable. Designed for Professional / Commercial Use. This system comes complete and Ready To Work Out of the Box!    Includes 8' vacuum and solution hoses as well as our pro grade 3" wide Stainless Steel Upholstery Cleaning Tool.  All this is housed in an industry leading  roto-molded polyethylene housing that wont rust or dent! Comes standard with Mytee's Full Professional warranty. Top this off with our exclusive best price guarantee and there is not much left to say. The Tempo spotter is a great little cold water auto detail extractor that works!

This US made, compact rugged upholstery / spot cleaner was designed for powerful professional and home use spot extraction yet stands only 18 inches high. Use the Tempo spot &  upholstery cleaning extractor for touch-ups. Spot removal between scheduled carpet cleanings, unexpected spills, and those hard to reach places where bigger machines just cant reach. Perfect for homes, hotels, restaurants and on the job!

Perfect for pet messes, those unexpected spills and hard to remove spots. Simply fill the Tempo with hot or cold tap water and your favorite rug cleaning solution (optional). Note, this unit does not have a heater. You may also pre-treat a spot with the cleaner of your choice. Now that you have added water to the unit simply plug it in, connect your hose and turn it on.

It works by spraying the area at a concentrated 55 PSI (pounds per square inch of pressure) and simultaneously extracting (vacuuming) up the dirty water. The exceptional power of this little spot cleaner does an excellent job in pulling out the dirt leaving your carpet looking great. The durable, pro grade, 3 inch wide Stainless steel detail wand is perfect for tight spots and really focuses the power where you need it the most.

USES: Works great on car upholstery, rugs, chairs, car seats, car rugs, RV's, campers, pillows drapes and more. (Auto Detail Professionals Love This Light Weight Extractor!) It can even be used to suck up unexpected wet messes. Imagine, your child has just dropped a whole gallon of orange juice on your carpet OR hard surface kitchen floor. What do you do? Well, before the Tempo you would have to soak up the mess with towels. Now you can simply plug in your temp and stuck up the wet mess!

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