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Hand Held Peppa Vapor Steamer






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VC 3000 Home Unit

THE 3000 RED
Is Arguably The Best Steam Cleaner Value On The Market!
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Refresh Your Home!
___Get Your Own___

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. You were very helpful. It works great. Oh yeah, & thanks for the fast delivery! Karen

I love my 3000 home steamer! I use it EVERY DAY! I have told all of my friends about it and convinced 4 to order it. They also love it. All I had to do was show them mine working and they were sold.

We were amazed at how well it cleaned our tile and grout. Even better then we expected. I was surprised at how well it did windows. All around, we love it. Liz

I just called to order more detail brushes. I have Saphire2 and I'm in love with it. I just couldn't live without it! Please send me 5 of your...

I started using the 4000-C steam cleaner about a month ago. My first job I made $395 just cleaning the grout on a kitchen floor. Both I and my customer were amazed. She wants me back every 3 months to keep it clean. Thanks for all the great tips and the steamer works great. Mike

We ordered the unit to clean floor grout but after we started playing with it we realized there was a ton of money to be made doing rest rooms, showers, mirrors and even windows.

Who's Using Steam?
* 1000's of home owners
* US Postal Service
* US Department of Navy
* Battleship USS J. Stennis
* US Submarines
* US Coast Guard
* Naval Warfare Center
* Yellowstone National Park
* Boeing Air
* QE2 Luxury Curse Ship
* Public Schools
* Universities
* McDonalds
* Burger King
* Dairy Queen
* Con Agra Foods
* Commercial Kitchens
* Winn-Dixie Supermarkets
* Car Washes
* Enterprise Rent-a-Car
* Motels & Hotels
* Super 8 Motels
* Marriott Hotels
* Radisson Inn Hotels
* Four Seasons
* Janitorial Services
* Cleaning Services
* Health Clubs & Spas
* Hospitals,Doctors,Dentists
* Tile Businesses
* House Keeping Services
* Heating & Air Services
* Electrical Contractors
* Mechanical Services
* Pest Control
* Grout Cleaning Services
* Publix Supermarkets.  800 sold to Publix alone!
* And Many Others

Thank you for the 3000 home. It works great. I use it everywhere in my home and I have showed all of my friends. I have convinced several to buy their own. Its amazing.  Maylon

JRI NOTE: This customer is responsible for over 30 steam cleaner sales in 18 months all in Peoria, AZ. This woman does not get paid for this! All this by word of mouth. Wow! Thank you Maylon! Its no wonder the 3000 Red home vapor steam cleaner is our best selling vapor steam cleaning system ever.

I got your VC4000 about two months ago and I just wanted to touch base with you. I'm really excited! I just did my numbers for last month and from the steam cleaning alone I made just under $5,000! I need to order more brushes right away...

We are a reglazing company looking to expand. We got the steamer with many doubts but I have to tell you. Vapor steam really works! We booked our first job one week after getting the unit. We made $1,300 dollars  cleaning 5 rooms. It took one full work day. Talk about good money! we could have paid for 2 steam cleaners for that amount. Thanks for everything. Joe

Vapor Steam Cleaners
Perfect For Any
Home Or Business!

Vapor Steam Cleaners

Vapor Steam Cleaners
 Policies & Warrantee

Vapor Steam Cleaners


Vapor Steam Cleaners allow you to clean WITHOUT Harmful chemicals!


A Vapor Steam Cleaner makes commercial cleaning a snap! Add a whole new sales pitch to your cleaning services. Chemical free, allergy & asthma friendly cleaning services!


More Pictures Here


Light Home Use
Vapor Steam Cleane
Intended for home use only. Professional / business use will void warranty!
Portable, Hand Held
Vapor Steam Cleaner
The Peppa Steam+
Makes A Great Gift!

List Price $79.95
 SALE: $30 OFF!

In Stock
Now $49.95  Now Only $39.9
Note: If you live outside the lower 48 United States please call in your order.
Peppa Steam+ Specifications:
Material: Polycarbonate Water Capacity about 1 cup
Color: Blue Boiler Temperature 275 degrees F.
Power Supply: 110/120 V 1000 W Heating Time ONLY 3 MIN!
Steam Pressure: to 40 PSI Operating Time up to 8 min per fill
Cord Length Extra Long 16' cord Indicator Simple Ready Light
Comes With: Comes With:
1 Flexible insulated hose 1 Detail brush for grout and tight spaces
1 Cone attachment for detail work 1 Window squeegee
1 Area brush for counter tops, ranges ect. 1 Brush attachment
1 Steam Cloth 1 Funnel
1 shoulder strap for convenient 1 Measuring cup
1 Basic Instruction Manual .
Manufacture Warranty & Policy
 The manufacture warranties the Peppa steamer for a period of 6 months to be free from defect. This warranty only covers the steamer, not the accessories. Answers to common Questions & Answers here. If you have a problem with a unit simply call us and we will direct you to the nearest service center. Orders are not refundable for any reason. All sales are final. The Gamma is a home use unit. Using this unit commercially will void the warranty. Orders outside the lower 48 United States may have an additional shipping charge. Call for more information. We ship world wide!
If you have questions give us a call or you can write us here.
 Call: 1 -845 -5601

Now $49.95  Now Only $39.95
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A Great Light Duty Hand Held Steamer

     These amazing little, light duty, hand held, home use steamers heat up in as little as 3 minutes! This means almost instant, no chemical cleaning power when you need it. Great for those little spot cleaning jobs.  these portable units are great for steaming garments right on the hanger, cleaning the inside of your refrigerator, window jams, sliding door tracks, heater vents, steaming wrinkled drapes, spot cleaning carpets and furniture, detail cleaning of collectibles and more. They also can useful in light cleaning and sanitizing wall grout, tile, marble, ceramic, fixtures, bedding, clothes, filters, windows, counter tops, door knobs, toilets, sinks, cutting
boards, cooking surfaces, linoleum, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, plastic, base board heater fins, grease, stains, painted walls, kids toys, baby toys, tools, and so much more. Killing dust mites, germs, viruses, mold and other household contaminates without chemicals is the wave of the future. Note: We do not carry replacement accessories for the Peppa

What People Are Saying About The Peppa
  *  "It's so cute, kinda like a little bunny with its ears down. It's the most fun I've ever had cleaning"
  *  "Talk about power, I couldn't believe how well it cleaned my refrigerator"
  *  "I'm so glad we got the Peppa. It works better then I expected"
  *  "Thanks for the great product, I blasted a spot on my couch that I thought would never come out"
  *  "It's amazing! My husband keeps taking it to detail his car, my son loves it for his collectables and I
           love it for cleaning my kitchen counter tops and cleaning the bathroom"
  *  "I love my 4000 steamer for tough jobs but I use the Peppa more often. The almost instant 3
          minute warm up makes it incredibly convenient. It's perfect for little jobs around the
          house and kitchen"
  *  "I love the Peppa. Its perfect for small jobs. Now that I have tried steam I think I'm going to get a-          bigger, more powerful steamer. I like really the Peppa, but I can't wait to get  something that I -   -         can mop my floors with & clean my whole house. We will be calling you soon. Thank you"
  *  " It's perfect in the babies room. I can clean all the little baby messes WITHOUT having to put
           harsh cleaners on the surfaces and harmful fumes in my babies room. Cool steamer, thanks!"

   NOTE: The PEPPA is for home or private use only. Using this steamer in a professional, business or commercial setting will void warranty. We have many commercial use vapor steamers. Click here for a listing. Our professional grade Vapor Steam Cleaners that are great for commercial applications as well as home use. Great for use in the grout cleaning business, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, offices, auto garages, motorcycle shops (great detail tool), jewelers shops, private homes and so much more! When you want cleaning power you want one of these great professional grade machines! Not only are they powerful and have a million uses they are a pleasure to work with. Clean the safe, chemical free way today! Order now.
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Just Renew-It! versus other companies and product lines

~    OUR PROMISE: We will NEVER try to sell you a piece of equipment unless we feel it absolutely fits your application. There are absolutely NO "Yes Men" or women for that matter working at Just Renew-It! We would rather turn down a sale then have an unhappy customer! Before you buy, we encourage you to give us a call. Put our knowledge to the test and experience the Just Renew-It! difference for yourself. Our experienced staff can quickly help you decide if the item you are looking at is right for you and again, if we feel it is not we will tell you! We routinely point customers that were looking at more expensive units to less expensive ones that better fit their needs and save them money. Being a thriving business means that we can afford to be honest.  Just Renew-It! Honesty First!
  Just Renew-It! offers a wide range of products from multiple manufactures, although all of our vapor steam cleaners come from once source. Our steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners, wet steam systems, auto detail equipment, water and chemical storage and transport tanks, as well as other products number into the hundreds. This diversity of equipment means we can always point you in the right direction. More = More Choices!
~   Other companies will sell anything to make a buck. Just Renew-It! carefully hand picks its products based on construction quality and long term reputation. Simply put, we only pick the best of the best. One example, our wet steam cleaners were invented in 1927 and our product line was the first steam pressure washer in the world and remains a world leader in INDUSTRIAL grade hot water and steam pressure washing systems.
~   Our dry indoor use steam cleaners were picked for their time in service and reputation. Our steamer product line was the first dry vapor steamer ever to be used or sold in the United States. Before that, there were only wet steam pressure systems.
~   Many other vendors only have one steam cleaner that they sell! Just One! Do you really think they will try to pass you on to a bigger and better or even smaller vapor steamer when they don't carry one? If you want an honest opinion you have to have choices.
 Other companies sell hundreds and even thousands of items mostly unrelated in nature. These sites often have short, inadequate descriptions of there low quality plastic steamer products and when you call them to ask a question you find the answering service simply refers you back to the ad you called on in the first place. Just Renew-It!'s professionals are happy to assist you with your steam cleaner questions.
~   Just Renew-It! has a full line of home vapor steam cleaners, commercial vapor steam cleaners and heavy duty industrial steam cleaners featuring state of the art continuous fill technology, hot chemical injection systems, integrated steam vacuums and dual heating element technology. We also carry a full line of industrial wet steam pressure washers, carpet extractors and more.
 Give us a call, we will be happy to help you figure out exactly what piece of equipment is best suited for your application. We are always happy to help you sort through our product lines to find what is best for your needs. Remember, Just Renew-It's large product line of vapor steam cleaners, carpet extractors and commercial cleaning equipment means we give you choices. Choice is power! Check out our full line of vapor steam cleaners for more information.



Super hot steam vapor made this old  slop sink look like new again!

Before                          After
Click Here to see more BEFORE & AFTER Pictures
For a moment, just imagine your home or business without harmful chemicals. Imagine no longer filling your environment up with harmful fumes from unknown toxic substances every time you clean. Well, imagine no more. Vapor Steam Cleaning is the solution to your indoor pollution problems. Now you can clean and disinfect surfaces WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals. Vapor steam cleaners are fast, fun and easy. Order your steamer today! More pictures here

Can A Steamer Clean Tools?

Yes! With more then enough steaming power!

Can A Steamer Clean Your Stuff?

Yes! Just look at the steam power!

The above pictures demonstrates the power of the VC4000 steamer in action





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Best Warranty!     Best Products!    Best Service!    Best Prices!
Our Vapor Steam Cleaners Have Over 17 Years Of Service & Dependability In The US!
Invented Wet Steam Cleaning / Pressure Washing In 1927 And Have Been An Industry Leading
 American Pressure Washer Company Ever Since! No One Can Touch That Record.

The First & Best Line Of Wet & Vapor Steam Cleaners Ever Sold In The United States!
NO ONE can touch that record! Well Over 100,000 Sold!
Constant improvements, upgrades & falling prices bring you these fantastic, affordable,
 state of the art wet and dry vapor steam cleaners.  From Mom's house to the US Military, From
 fast food restaurant to luxury cruise ships, Vapor Steam Cleaners Work!

Pro Reglazing Video

Regrouting Video

Tile Repair Video

Recaulking Video

Hand Held Home
Vapor Steamer

Saphire 2 Home
Vapor Steamer

3000 Heavy Home
Vapor Steamer

Heavy Home, Light Commercial VC3000

Swappy Home Unit
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Full Commercial
4000 Vapor Steamer

Heavy Duty Commercial
4000-C Vapor Steamer

Heavy Duty Commercial
Vapor 6 Steamer

220V V6 With Vac

Vapor Steamer

220V Super Duty 
Vapor 8 Steamer

220V Super Duty

Vapor 8 with Vac

Carpet Extractor

Pro Carpet Cleaner

Large area
Carpet Cleaner

Portable Ventilation
1225 CFM Power

Convert  220 to
110 Volts

 Convert 110 to

 220 Volts

Oxy Bleach Grout Care

Deluxe Auto
Detail Center

Hard Surface Extractor

Pro Tile Cleaner
For Hard Surfaces
Top Of The Line Professional Vapors Steam, Carpet, Upholstery, Hard Surfaces Cleaners, Pressure Washers & More

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