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Steam Testimonial:
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. You were very helpful. It works great. Oh yeah, & thanks for the fast delivery! Karen

Steam Testimonial:
I love my 3000 home steamer! I use it EVERY DAY! I have told all of my friends about it and convinced 4 to order it. They also love it. All I had to do was show them mine working and they were sold.

Steam Testimonial:
I started using the 4000-C steam cleaner about a month ago. My first job I made $395 just cleaning the grout on a kitchen floor. Both I and my customer were amazed. She wants me back every 3 months to keep it clean. Thanks for all the great tips and the steamer works great. Mike

Who's Using Vapor Steam?
* 1000's of home owners
* US Postal Service
* US Department of Navy
* Battleship USS J. Stennis
* US Submarines
* US Coast Guard
* Naval Warfare Center
* Yellowstone National Park
* Boeing Air
* Lockheed Martin
* NW Air Lines
* QE2 Luxury Curse Ship
* Public Schools
* Universities
* McDonalds
* Burger King
* Dairy Queen
* Many Motels & Hotels
* Four Seasons Hotel
* Marriott Hotels
* Holiday Inn & Suites
* Hilton Garden Inn.
* Fairfield Inn & Suites

* Super 8 Motels
* Janitorial Services
* Health Clubs & Spas
* Hospitals Doctors Dentists
* Grout Cleaning Services
* Bubble Gum Removal
* Pest Control
* 800 Publix Supermarkets!
* More Users Here...

Steam Testimonial:
Thank you for the 3000 home. It works great. I use it everywhere in my home and I have showed all of my friends. I have convinced several to buy their own. Its amazing.  Maylon

JRI NOTE: This customer is responsible for over 30 steam cleaner sales in 18 months all in Peoria, AZ. This woman does not get paid for this! All this by word of mouth. Wow! Thank you Maylon! The 3000 Red home vapor steam cleaner is our best selling steamer ever.

Steam Testimonial:
I got your VC4000 about two months ago and I just wanted to touch base with you. I'm really excited! I just did my numbers for last month and from the steam cleaning alone I made just under $5,000! I need to order more brushes right away...

Steam Testimonial:
We are a reglazing company looking to expand. We got the steamer with many doubts but I have to tell you. Vapor steam really works! We booked our first job one week after getting the unit. We made $1,300 dollars  cleaning 5 rooms. It took one full work day.  Thanks for everything. Joe


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Commercial Kitchen Steam
Commercial Restroom
Hotel Cleaning Steam
Hardwood Floor Steam Mop
Grout Cleaning Steam
Auto Detail Dry Carwash
Air Conditioner Coil Clean
Steam Moldy Stable



4000-S Pro Vapor Steam Cleaners

Full Commercial & Powerful Home Use
 Vapor Steam Cleaner

A True Workhorse!
* With Hot Water Injector Button! *
65 PSI, Professional Grade Vapor Steamer
A Powerful Full Commercial & Home Steam Cleaning Unit! Clean old tile,
grout & More! Environmentally safe, no chemical cleaning!
Allows you to flush an area with the super heated water from the boiler!  
You get 37 Accessories + 3 Stand & Clean Poles!




Now Only:   $995                              
     Now Free Shipping in the lower 48 US States!
  List Price $1,235. Your Total JRI Discount $240 off of the list price!



The VC4000 S is a state-of-the-art steam vapor cleaning system for the best in "no chemicals" single tank cleaning systems. Allergy-free cleaning is easier, faster and better with vapor.


    The VC4000-S (sometimes called the VS4000) vapor steam cleaner is truly a powerful commercial grade steam cleaner. In our opinion it is the workhorse of the vapor steam series.  It is perfect for steam mopping hard wood and tile floors, the grout cleaning business, restroom cleaning, auto detail work, dry car washing, bed bug removal, steam cleaning toilets, cleaning urinals, tile floors, showers, cleaning homes, offices, car detailing, and a whole host of other items. The grout cleaning business is an exploding industry with the ppotential to make you thousands of dollars a week. It is also a perfect tool for sanitizing surfaces. It kills germs, viruses, mold, mildew, bacteria and more. It is great for killing dust mites in beds, rugs and furniture. A great way to reduce household allergens.

      Before 1999 the grout cleaning business was virtually unheard-of. Now it is growing rapidly. Some claim that you need an expensive truck mounted system to do this kind of work. It just isn't true! They probably just want you to
buy their products or simply keep you out of the business. With vapor steam cleaners even those on a budget can break into this business. Vapor steam cleaners are easy to use and always portable unlike those ultra expensive, bulky, truck mounted systems. Another advantage to these powerful PORTABLE vapor steam cleaning systems is that they can go almost anywhere. Try getting a truck mounted system into an apartment building or a high rise living unit! It just won't happen. It's no wonder so many truck mounted system owners are adding vapor steam cleaners to their businesses.

     Are you ready to start earning money? It has never been easier to start your own business. If you are already in the cleaning industry or you are looking to make easy money starting your own cleaning business you can benefit from our powerful line of vapor steam cleaners. Hey, professional carpet cleaning services, CHECK THIS OUT! Introducing a revolution in carpet cleaning, the ROTOVAC!

Here are a couple of ideas. Cleaning dirty grout joints in homes, businesses, hotels, restaurants, and more. Floor grout cleaning is a rapidly growing industry and now you can cash in on it with our powerful line of vapor steam cleaners. Disinfecting bedding, instantly killing dust mites in mattresses for hotels and hospitals. Cleaning public & private bathrooms and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Your time is now. Unlock your potential and start or add on to your own business today!

     Powerful sales pitch! You can sell your service to your customers using a 'chemical free' sales pitch. As many of you may know indoor pollution is a hot topic these days. You can offer an environmentally safe, allergy and asthma friendly, no chemical, steam cleaning service.

     Vapor Steam Cleaners are great for commercial applications as well as home use. Great for use in the grout cleaning business, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, offices, auto garages, motorcycle shops (great detail tool), jewelers shops, private homes and so much more! When you want cleaning power you want one of these great professional grade machines! Not only are they powerful and have a million uses they are a pleasure to work with. Clean the safe, chemical free way today! Order now. See sample video here
Read More Here

PRICE NOTE: We will beat any competitors price on any new, non auction VC 4000-S commercial grade steam cleaner!


     ACCESSORIES: The 4000-S commercial steam cleaner comes with a complete set of high quality professional grade accessories. All Accessories are replaceable! Click here to see our replacement accessory page.  Before you buy from another company be sure they offer replacement accessories. We at Just Renew-It! Industrial Supplies carry a full line of replacement accessories available here or by phone! Unlike many other brands this unit comes with true professional quality, insulated heavy duty aluminum extension poles. You get 3 extension poles. two long 18 inch poles and one short 9 inch pole. Unlike cheap plastic steam poles our insulated heavy duty aluminum poles are designed to be contractor tough! They allow for extended reaches above your head or stand while you work cleaning. The short pole often comes in handy for working at waist and chest level on such as sink and counter top cleaning. Also included is the large floor brush / Steam Mop. This high quality impact resistant tool has 3 functions. It is a large steam scrub brush, a squeegee and attach the included cloth and you have a powerful steam mop perfect for hard surface sanitizing & cleaning. Note: this mop head has built in spring loaded clips that allow you to attach your favorite cloth type. From micro-fiber to cotton, the choice is yours. This gives you to option of buying low cost replacement cloths at Home Depot or Lowes. Also included is the medium triangle brush shown in the picture. This is a powerful scrub brush is for corners, counters and more. The medium round brush works much the same way but gives a different scrubbing pattern for various uses. Use them with the poles or directly attach it to the steam gun. This set also comes with one of my favorites, the large triangle brush. This brush has built in spring loaded clips that allow you to wrap a towel around it making it the perfect hand held steam mop. See the triangle brush video here. Shown in the picture on the bottom just to the left of the 10 nylon brushes. You also get the black focusing single jet focusing nozzle and the long metal single jet detail focusing nozzle. Included is the smooth surface / glass squeegee and the 10 stainless steel, 10 nylon detail and 10 brass  grout & detail cleaning brushes. All this is included standard. See accessories video here.





                                VC 4000-S Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaning System

Plugs right into an everyday, standard US outlet!
Specifications VC 4000-S:
Material: Rugged Stainless Steel Boiler Volume 5 liters by volume
Color: Silver Water Capacity 4 liters. of water
Power Supply: 110/120 V -  1600 Watts Boiler Temperature HOT 298 F
Dimensions: 12x12x18 inches Temperature at tip May Reach 230 F
Steam Pressure: 0 to 65 PSI Operating Time 4 hrs. per fill on low, 1.5 Hrs on High Non Stop Use!
Weight 28 pounds Boiler Material Solid Stainless Steel Single Tank System

IMPORTANT: All Accessories are replaceable! Click here to see our replacement accessory page.

Comes With: Comes With:

You get all 37 Accessories + 3 Poles Included!

3 Heavy duty, insulated, aluminum extension poles, (2 long,19'' each & 1 short 8'') floor attachment extensions.  You get 46'' of poles! 10 steel grout & tile brushes
1 cloth 10 brass grout & tile brushes
1large triangle brush 10 nylon grout & tile brushes
1 filler bottle 1 medium round brush
1 large floor brush 1 window squeegee
1 extra long 8 foot insulated hose with built in easy fingertip steam trigger
Warranty & Policies Manufacture Lifetime Warranty  1 Year Parts & Labor | 3 Years Parts | Lifetime on Boiler
Read more about the Manufactures Warranty here.  Get answers to common Questions & Answers here.
If you have a problem with a unit simply call us and we will direct you to the nearest service center. Steamer warranties implied or expressed are that of the US importer. Nozzle tip temperatures may vary depending upon working environment, duration of use and attachments used. Orders are not refundable for any reason. All sales are final. Orders outside the lower 48 United States may have an additional shipping charge. Call for more information. We ship world wide! If you have questions give us a call. Outside the US call: 1 -845

( When Quality Counts! )
The VC4000-S Steam Cleaner Has Easy Push Button Controls

Your Order Includes 37 accessories,  3 commercial grade, metal
(not cheap plastic)
stand & clean poles and an ergonomically
designed easy trigger handle grip all free!

VC 4000-S Vapor Steam Cleaner
HUGE 4-Liter Water Capacity & 5-Liter By Volume!

Comes Fully Loaded With                                      
          MORE ACCESSORIES         
                                                  Than Any Of Our Other Commercial Steamers

Now Only:   $995
                        Now Free Shipping in the lower 48 US States!



Powerful Steam Cleaner Technology Works!

From sanitary steam mopping and powerful tile & grout cleaning, commercial cleaning of restrooms, restaurant equipment, printing presses, bed bug removal, pest control and more to Dry Car Wash and Auto Detail Work a commercial vapor steam machine or vapor steam cleaner is one of the most versatile pieces of cleaning equipment on the planet! From home to heavy commercial, industrial and military grade use, we have the right steam cleaning equipment and steam machine for your specific needs! We also have a large selection of other cleaning technologies and equipment as well. Click here for more. If you are not sure which vapor steamer is best for your specific needs give us a call, we can help help you with your decision. We hope hear from you soon!


JUST RENEW-IT!  The Future Is Now!
Providing only world class, state of the
art cleaning equipment

Have you ever wondered where the future of cleaning equipment is going? The answer is simple. Bigger, Better, Faster and Green!
 We are proud to help lead this revolution with our full line of world class Vapor Steam Cleaners and super heated portable carpet extractors.
~   Using state of the art technology and intuitive high tech designs manufactures are now beginning to create cleaning powerhouses.
 Our finally crafted, Italian made Dry Vapor Commercial Steam Cleaners and Steam Cleaners were the VERY FIRST BRAND OF VAPOR STEAM CLEANERS EVER SOLD IN THE US. The competition falsely make this claim ONLY because they use to carry our product line! Even though they now carry a different product line, (not the original) they shamelessly continue to use this as a sales pitch. Ours is the most widely used brand of commercial steam cleaners in the United States Of America.
 Note, "Vapor Steam Cleaners",  "Steam Cleaners", "Steamers" and "Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners" are used interchangeably through the web site.
 Our home and commercial steam cleaners have and continue to prove them selves and have been put to the test by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, fast food places, military bases, factories, supermarkets, janitorial businesses, commercial cleaning contractors and many more. The are a 100% PROVEN TECHNOLOGY!
 Just Renew-It's Vapor Steam Cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Steam Pressure Washers are HIGHLY RATED by our PROFESSIONAL end users. The proof is in the return. Once a company has tried our vapor steam products they often come back for more!
 All of our vapor steam cleaners are CE certified. That is one of the highest electrical standards in the world.

Just Renew-It! versus other companies and product lines

~    OUR PROMISE: We will NEVER try to sell you a piece of equipment unless we feel it absolutely fits your application. There are absolutely NO "Yes Men" or women for that matter working at Just Renew-It! We would rather turn down a sale then have an unhappy customer! Before you buy, we encourage you to give us a call. Put our knowledge to the test and experience the Just Renew-It! difference for yourself. Our experienced staff can quickly help you decide if the item you are looking at is right for you and again, if we feel it is not we will tell you! We routinely point customers that were looking at more expensive units to less expensive ones that better fit their needs saving them money. Being a thriving business means that we can afford to be honest.  Just Renew-It! Honesty First!
  Just Renew-It! offers a wide range of products from multiple manufactures, although virtually all of your vapor steam cleaners come from once source. Our steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners and other products number into the hundreds. More = More Choices!
~   Other companies will sell anything to make a buck. Just Renew-It! carefully hand picks its products based on reputation. We only pick the best of the best. One example, our wet steam cleaners were invented in 1927 and was the first steam pressure washer in the world and remains a world leader in INDUSTRIAL grade steam pressure washing systems.
~   Our steam cleaners were picked for their time in service and reputation. Our vapor steam cleaner product line was the first dry vapor steam systems ever to be used or sold in the United States. Before that, there were only wet steam pressure washer systems.
~   Many other vendors only have one vapor steam cleaner that they sell! Just One! Do you really think they will try to pass you on to a bigger, better or even smaller vapor steamer when they don't carry one? If you want an honest opinion you have to have choices.
 Other companies sell hundreds and even thousands of items both related and unrelated. These sites often have short, inadequate descriptions of there low quality plastic home use steamer products. When you call them to ask a question you find the answering service simply refers you back to the ad you called on in the first place. Just Renew-It's professionals are happy to assist you with your home or commercial steam cleaner questions.
~   Just Renew-It! has a full line of home vapor steam cleaners, commercial steam cleaners and heavy duty dry vapor industrial steam cleaner systems featuring state of the art continuous fill technology, hot chemical injection systems, integrated steam vacuums and dual heating element technology.
 Give us a call, we will be happy to discuss what you are looking to use the equipment for and help you sort through our product lines to find what is best for your needs. Remember, Just Renew-It's large product line of vapor steam cleaners, carpet extractors and commercial cleaning equipment means we give you choices. Choice is power! Check out our full line of vapor steam cleaning machines for more information.

~   Be aware that there are some dubious vendors that claim to be the worlds first, and the worlds best with millions of square feet of factory space (that is not in fact their steam cleaner factory, just their suppliers factory!) or sites that use phony, homemade and outdated "comparison charts" or "consumer reviews" to trick you into thinking that their unit is some how better. At Just Renew-It! we prefer to take the straight forward honest approach.
~   We promise fast service, straight talk and honest answers. Our faith in God, love of family and country are at our core. We think that when you call us you will find us a pleasure to work with.

Note On Competitors:
Before we go on we just want to say, that it is not our practice to down talk other companies. For that reason we will not mention any names. We do feel there is so much misinformation out there that some things need to be corrected. Our intent is not to put down, but rather lift you up. We feel everyone deserves access to the truth.

Poles: Some vendors selling steam cleaners are making outrageous claims about our products as well as their products. First, the idea that some how, low cost (for them) plastic extension poles are better then heavy gauge, insulated, TRUE COMMERCIAL light weight aluminum extension poles. If you are paying for commercial quality you deserve commercial parts, not cheap flexible plastic!

Some claim to have a certain sized boiler system but use the practice of factual deception. Here is an example. A company may say they have a 3 liter boiler size. However, the boiler may only hold 2 or 2.5 liters of water! How can they do this? Simple, the over all boiler volume is 3 liters. How so? Because all vapor steam cleaners have a steam pocket or chamber at the top of the boiler. This is where the vapor gathers and pressurizes. So if someone tells you how big their boiler is, lets say 4 liters, ask them how much water does it actually hold. Then ask, if I get it home and measure it and the amount you say does not fit will they take back the steamer.

Others claim (very common) high PSI numbers that are false. You may have seen one of our competitors boasting 5 bars on their steamer. Well, that is true. But they also say that the steam cleaner is 75 PSI. That is not true. We offer 5 bar steam cleaners but we tell you they are 72.5 PSI. Truth matters! If they can misrepresent the truth  about one thing they can do it about another. Here is a rule of thumb. One Bar is equal to 14.5 PSI. So 5 X 14.5= 72.5 PSI. By the way, a BAR is the European standard of pressure measurement .

claim their technology is somehow better but is it really? Our manufacturer was the first line of standard US 110/120 voltage vapor steam cleaners ever to enter the US. Remember, Europe uses 220 volts. The United States uses 110/120 volt outlets. They started this line of steamers back in 1988 and have been leading the industry ever since. This early start has given them time to refine the 120V technology. Most of the others in the industry have only been around a few years. This is problematic at best. Some come up with "special" names for their technology claiming that their system sanitizes the water inside the boiler and changes it molecular structure! Amazing! Did you know a steam cleaners boiler will often hit temperatures close to 300 Degrees F.? Yes, this will change the water,, in to vapor! USDA pasteurization temperatures are only 150 Degrees F. So, it is no surprise that their boiler kills bacteria and pathogens inside the tank but this is NOT special! All vapor steam cleaners do this, even the cheap ones. Coming up with a name for this is just marketing. Don't be fooled into thinking that a steam cleaner is better just because they trade mark or copyright a "special" name for it.

Next, the idea that a longer hose is always better. The longer the steam hose the more heat it loses. This is not a debatable fact, it is just simple physics. At least one of our competitors claims that you can use a 22' hose and still maintain the same heat and power at the nozzle tip. We regard this as false. We offer 7' to 13' insulated hoses with our commercial dry vapor steamers. Any longer and you begin losing heat at the nozzle tip. We know that power is everything to our commercial steam cleaner users so a well balanced steamer matters. Also, since the units are on wheels there is no need for such a huge, low heat hose. Why does it loose heat? Well, dry vapor steam has very little mass unlike one of our super heated steam pressure washers. Our wet steam cleaners offer hoses to and over 50 feet and work great because they spray super heated water, not vapor. Water / liquid holds it heat much better then gas or vapor. Steam vapor is light, and only holds about 4 or 5 % water per volume where as a wet steam cleaner has almost 100% water. When you try to send dry vapor steam long distances it begins to cool and condense. This lowers the output temperature and pressure and increases the moisture content of the end product. That is why a well balanced vapor steam cleaner system with a appropriate length hose is desirable. Our estimation is that anything under 15' is ideal.

Next, warranties. Others claim they have the best warranty in the industry. More often then not they offer something like 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. Most of our units come with limited lifetime warranties. There is no doubt our warranty is better and our service is outstanding.

Heating Elements:
Next, heating elements. One of our competitors is claming that having a removable heating element is somehow to your advantage. It is not!  What good is having a heating element guaranteed for 10 years when you can have the entire boiler, INCLUDING the heating element covered for the lifetime of the unit? Answer, our competitor is making another misleading claim. Furthermore, our solid stainless steal boilers and fixed heating elements are perfect in their SIMPLE & DURABLE design. Most agree, overcomplicating a key component like a boiler is a recipe for disaster.  If your heating elements ever fail on one of our VC models, the entire boiler warranted, that includes the heating elements. That means they will replace the boiler. The coverage and protections are the same.

Finally, we wanted to point out that our manufacturer exclusively manufactures vapor steam cleaners, steam vacs and vacuum systems. Our competitors factories only do this as a side line. Most of our competitors sell coffee makers, ironing systems, electric grills and a whole host of unrelated products. Our manufacturer specializes in the area of dry steam vapor and is one of the largest vapor steam factories in the world boasting a production capacity of some 40,000 units a month! This makes TAP the foremost expect in vapor steam technology. Notice, we do not just say "our product is the best" we give you facts to back it up. We also present simply, undeniable truths that anyone can understand. No hype, just solid, dependable high quality commercial vapor steam cleaners.



Dry Car Wash Service Steam Cleaner
NEW: Dry Car Wash Section
Mobile Auto Detailer Car Wash Systems!
Clean Tile & Grout Steam Cleaners
Tile &
Grout Cleaning & How To
Leather Seat Vapor Steam Cleaner
Clean Leather Seats Auto Detail
Bed Bug Killing Steam Cleaner
Bed Bug Control & Extermination

    AC Coil Cleaning with a Steam Cleaner
Steam Clean AC Coils Fast

.Auto Detail Upholstery Extractor
Auto Detail Upholstery Cleaners

Commercial Carpet Extractors Rug Cleaner
Mobile Steam Carpet Extractors.

Wet Steam Pressure Washers
3 Way
Steam Pressure Washers

Best Warranty!        Best Products!       Best Prices!       Best Service!
Our Vapor Steam Cleaners Have Over 24 Years Of Service & Dependability In The US! We Also Carry The Industry Leading Elite Class Auto Detail Extractors and Carpet Extractors! Jenny Invented Wet Steam Cleaning / Pressure Washing In 1927 And Have Been An Industry Leading American Pressure Washer Company Ever Since! Record Breaking! The First & Best line of Wet & Vapor Steam Cleaner Systems Ever Sold in the United States! AN UNTOUCHABLE RECORD! Well Over 100,000 Vapor Steam Cleaners Sold!
Constant improvements, upgrades & falling prices bring you these fantastic, affordable, state of
the art Auto Detail, Upholstery & Carpet Extractors. From Mom's house to the US Military,
fast food restaurant to luxury cruise ships, Just Renew-It Delivers Quality Products!


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 Join The Industrial & Commercial Steam Cleaner Revolution. Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaners Work. Call Today!
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