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Vapor Steam Cleaners
The BEST warranty in the industry!
  Warranties & Policies


Shipping Information

We offer free ground shipping on the following items only within the lower 48 US Continuous States. Saphire 2, VC3000 Red, VC3000 Commercial, VC4000-S, VC4000-C, VC5000-Ci and the Super Vapor 6. Orders outside the lower 48 US States may have additional shipping charges. Express shipping is available on most of our steamers. See shopping cart of call for more information. Express charges will be higher in Alaska and Hawaii. Steamers are generally shipped using UPS although there may be times another carrier could be used. Please open and use your steamer when you receive it to make sure everything is in working order. If you receive a defective steamer please call us right away.



Limited Lifetime
Manufacture Warranty
For Our Steam Vapor Cleaning Systems Listed Below
1 Year Parts & Labor | 3 Years Parts Only | Lifetime on Boiler


Saphire 2,   VC3000 Red,   VC3000 Commercial,   VC4000-S,   VC4000-C,   VC5000-Ci   &  Super Vapor 6.

(Overview of the basic warranty)
A) The factory warrants to the original consumer purchaser that this product, excluding accessories, hose & gun shall be free from defects in manufacturing and materials, under normal and reasonable use for a period of:- One year parts and labor, Three years parts only, Lifetime on boiler, from the date of sale.
Accessories such as the hose, gun, poles, attachments and gun are not included in the warranty. They are considered wear items and are readily available for replacement at our accessories page or by phone.

The sole and exclusive remedy under this warranty is repair or replacement, at the Manufacturer's option, of any product that proves to be defective in manufacture or materials within above stated period.

For this warranty to apply, the owner/user must follow the instructions provided. A copy of the original invoice must be submitted with return of the product along with a brief note describing the problem. If you don't have a copy of your invoice simply call us and we can E-Mail you a copy. The product returned to the manufacturer for repair is to be shipped prepaid in a protective carton. The manufacturer advises the purchaser to insure the shipment against possible loss or damage in transit. The manufacturer will not be responsible for items lost or damaged in transit.

This Warranty is Void if: Product is damaged resulting from accident, misuse, improper operating, or unauthorized repair or alteration.
This Warranty is Void if: Substance other than clean water is used in the boiler. Distilled water recommended
This Warranty is Void if: Unauthorized user has operated product.
This Warranty is Void if: Product has been operated with substances other than pure, clean water.
This Warranty is Void if: If a home unit is used for any business, commercial or non home use purposes.
For commercial warranty use you need to purchase a 3000 commercial, 4000, 4000-C, 5000-Ci, SUPER VAPOR 6.

The manufacturer is not liable for any consequential or incidental damages (including personal injury, property damage or monetary loss) that may be incurred from purchase, use, or inability/improper use of the product. Maximum liability shall not exceed the purchase price of the product paid by the original purchaser. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. Certain parts of the equipment are not covered by warranty because they require replacement in the course of use, due to normal wear and tear, by reason of their characteristics. These are things like, cords, hoses, brushes, grout brushes, switches, wheels, ect.
Manufactured By TPA


Manufacture Warranty
The PEPPA Hand Held Steamer
The PEPPA hand held steamer has a 6 month limited warranty. Warranty covers the unit only, not the accessories. Use of this steamer for any commercial, for profit or NON home uses will void the warranty.



Return Policies:

When you call us every effort is made to match the right vapor steam cleaner to the customers needs. All steamers are fully covered under their respective manufacturers warranty. If you receive a vapor steam cleaner that is damaged, defective or even crushed in delivery you're in good hands! We will be more then happy to immediately have the defective unit picked up and a new one sent out. The manufacture even pays to have the defective unit picked up and sends the replacement unit out with no charge for ground shipping.  It is important that you try your new steamer right away when you get it. After the first week the only remedy is repair or replacement of the unit at the manufactures choice, not ours so open your steamer box and fire it up.

     Please call us and let us help you with your selection. We are more then happy to help. We do not accept returns for any reason. There are no refunds for any reason and all sales are final. Simple dissatisfaction is not accepted as a reason for return. There are two primary reasons we have this no return policy. First, we only sell NEW UNITS. If we accepted returns then we would be forced to resell steamers that other people have used. We want you to know that when you order from us every steamer is factory fresh and brand new. We also want to avoid the 'try before you buy" or the impulse buyers that figure it might be fun to use it for awhile, try it out, clean their home and just send it back. If you are not sure the item in question is for you we encourage you to shop around and compare quality and prices. This policy is enforced to keep the quality high and our prices low. If you shop around you will find we offer some of the highest quality machines for some of the best prices anywhere. There are many companies selling similarly powered steamers for 3 times what we charge. Always remember, you are fully covered by the manufactures warranty.

      If you are unsure about your purchase feel free to give us a call. We will be happy to share our experience with you and will always strive to match you with the right product for your needs. Remember, there is no rush and no pressure. The internet provides you with the means to research as much as you like so you can make an informed decision. We are proud to offer a large selection of demo videos on many of the products we sell. These videos empower you in making an informed decision. We also try to go out of our way to provide you with as much information on the systems and their potential uses as possible. Most web sites only give you a small snippet of information. Just Renew It Industrial Supply strives to give you more!  It is important to keep in mind that every cleaning situation is different. What may work great for 95% of users may not work in your situation. As with any product results may vary. For more information on our great steamers and to see who is using them visit our Questions & Answers page here or watch our easy play Demo Steam Videos.  See a complete listing of all of our products here.

     If for some unforeseeable reason we do accept a return item the buyer is responsible for a 20% restocking fee plus any original outgoing shipping fees. The returned item must be in new and original condition. Any damage to the unit or worn parts will incur further charges. . The buyer is also responsible for return shipping costs. No returns will be accepted without special approval. You must contact us first. The restocking fee is so that we can repackage and sell the steamer as used at a discount to another costumer. As always, we only sell new steamers as new. This policy insures that customers always know they are getting factory fresh new units. To see if anything is available on our specials page click here.

     We think you will find that working with Just Renew-It at either RefreshYourHome.com or Just Renew-it. com will be a refreshing experience. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to help.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 800-490-1886,  or . We look forward to serving you.

If you have a problem with a unit simply call us and we will direct you to the nearest service center. Orders are not refundable for any reason. All sales are final. Orders outside the lower 48 United States may have an additional shipping charge. Call for more information. We ship world wide! If you have questions give us a call.





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