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VC 4000-C Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner

Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner With Hot Water Injection

About: The VC-4000-C Heavy Commercial Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner has fast become a cleaning legend in its own time!  (See VIDEO Online) A fairly new addition to our extreme commercial steam cleaner line, it was introduced back in 2005. At the time the 4000-S was one of our best sellers, but within few years, we were outselling our very popular 4000-S commercial steam cleaner with the 4000-C about  10 to 1! See Full 4000-C product information page here. The 4000-C is truly maximum power. Boasting 1800 Watts, it is MAXIMUM power for a standard 15amp outlet. When you want the "juice" you want the 4000-C or 5000-Ci chemical injection commercial steam cleaner! Fully loaded with the accessories you see above it comes out of the box ready to work! Note that all accessories are replaceable and can be ordered here. Also note that we have a great selection of exclusive steam cleaner videos here!

Features:Powerful 72.5 PSI Maximum output  96% Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner output!   Hot Water Injection! This feature allows you to inject super heated water in a spattering pattern mingled with the steam to help rinse away or break up grime. The best part it is activated right in the steam gun handle making for instant and easy use.  100% Adjustable steam flow! Just turn the knob right or left to control how fast the steam comes out. From antiques, detail work, tile and grout cleaning to auto-detail work the VC 4000-C Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner has you covered. Lets not forget about its amazing, cool touch, non pressurized easy refill cap! This dual tank steam generation system allows you to add water to the refill tank while your working! This means you will never turn off & cool down your system just to refill it! Continuous operation means more time on the job.


  Body:   High Grade Stainless Steel Body & Boiler   Refill Tank:   2 Liters Capacity
  Color:   Silver- Stainless Steel / Black Trim   Steam Generator/Boiler:   3 Liter Capacity
  Heating Core:    Powerful 1,800 Watts - 15 Amps (Wattages)   Steam Run Time Per Fill:   Continuous, Add water anytime!
 Steam Hose:   Detachable For Easy Storage & Replacement   Initial Heating Time:   About 20 Minutes
 Power Supply:   Standard 115-Volt Household Power Outlet, 15A.   Steam Temperature:   Produces 210˚- 230˚ F. Steam at tip
 Pressure in PSI:   Max Output 72.5 PSI Max Pressure -   Boiler Temperature:   298+ boiler temp
 Pressure In Bars:   5 Bar     100% Adjustable!   Steam Output:   100% Adjustable
 Power Cord:   14 Foot Power Cord  W/ Onboard Cord Wrap   Mode of Operation #1:   95% "Dry" Vapor Steam Output
 Weight & Size:   32 pounds      Size: 12x14x18 inches   Mode of Operation #2:   Hot Water Injection on steam gun!
 Water Capacity:   5 Liters Total Includes Refill & Boiler Tanks   Online Manual:   Yes, Steam Cleaner Manual
 Internal Flow:   Solenoid Operated Steam Control    Warranty:   Limited Lifetime Warranty

9.5 Foot Hose & Steam Gun 3 Nylon Grout / Detail Brushes Easy Finger Tip Steam Activation On Gun
2 Stand & Clean Insulated Metal 18" Poles 3 Brass Metal Detail Brush Easy Hot Water Activation On Gun
11" Floor Head - Large Mop / Brush tool Nylon Medium Round Brush Easy Indicator Lights
Black Jet Nozzle Detail Tool Nylon Brush Large Easy Pressure Adjustment Knob
Long Metal Jet Nozzle Detail Took 1 Large Triangle brush W/ Cloth Clips Quick Connects For Hose & Attachments
Smooth Surface / Glass Squeegee Large Cotton Floor Mop Head Lifetime Warranty  &  Manual
You Get the 4000-C Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner with Hot Water Injection System - Easy Fingertip Gun Activated!
The Full, Ready to Work Professional Accessory Kit show here!
Extra Long 9.5 Foot long insulated detachable steam hose system with easy fingertip controls
2 Modes of Operation:   96% Dry Vapor Steam       Hot Water Injection    
Basic Industrial Steam Cleaner Operations Manual
Limited Lifetime Warranty - Full Commercial Industrial Steam Cleaner Warranty


FAQ: What's a Vapor Steam Cleaner?

What Is A Vapor Steam Cleaner?:

First, a Vapor Steam Cleaner is not a carpet cleaning extractor. See our carpet extractor section here. A vapor steam cleaner is a machine that generates super heated steam vapor inside of a sealed internal boiler system. Through a series of ports the dry steam is directed out of the boiler, down the hose and out any of the various cleaning attachments. These systems put out an amazing 95% or higher dry steam. The steam is so dry that you can shoot the steam into the air and have virtually no water hit the floor. Most, depending upon the specific type of steam cleaner, they will often use as little as one gallon of water over the course of a whole hour of not stop cleaning or sanitizing! This is pretty amazing indeed. This low water usage makes a vapor steam cleaner ideally suited for use in your home, office or place of business. They are designed and perfectly suited for indoor use. that being said, the have hundreds of applications for use in the outdoors. Note, this type of steamer is not, nor does it have a vacuum. Frankly, it is not needed. A simple face-cloth or towel is all you need to wipe up after cleaning. By the way, virtually all of our steam cleaners plug into a standard US outlet! No special power requirements.

A vapor steam cleaner is commonly used for cleaning and sanitizing. We will get much more specific later on, for now we will just give you an over view of some of the jobs our steam cleaners are being used on every day! With thousands of satisfied customers from home owners, contractors, major corporations, US Government agencies to the US Military. Our line of vapor steam cleaner systems are put to the test every day.

Some of the most common uses are cleaning tile and grout, cleaning and sanitizing hard wood floors, tile floors, and other hard surfaces. They are heavily used in the Janitorial business for cleaning restrooms, commercial kitchens, eating areas, locker rooms. Home owners love using them to dust, clean TV's, hard surfaces, tile and grout, spot cleaning of their carpets, detailing their car, cleaning jewelry, sanitizing their bathroom toilets and much more.
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