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145 PSI Heavy Duty Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
145 PSI Vapor Steam Cleaner

Commercial Steam Cleaner




Dry Vapor
Steam Cleaners

Steam Testimonial:
Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. You were very helpful. It works great. Oh yeah, & thanks for the fast delivery! Karen

Steam Testimonial:
I started using the 4000-C steam cleaner about a month ago. My first job I made $395 just cleaning the grout on a kitchen floor. Both I and my customer were amazed. She wants me back every 3 months to keep it clean. Thanks for all the great tips and the steamer works great. Mike

Who's Using Steam?
* 1000's of home owners
* US Postal Service
* US Department of Navy
* Battleship USS J. Stennis
* US Submarines
* US Coast Guard
* Public Schools
* Universities
* McDonalds
* Burger King
* Dairy Queen
* Many Motels & Hotels
* Four Seasons Hotel
* Marriott Hotels
* Holiday Inn & Suites
* Hilton Garden Inn.
* Fairfield Inn & Suites

* Super 8 Motels
* Janitorial Services
* Health Clubs & Spas
* Hospitals Doctors Dentists
* Grout Cleaning Services
* Bubble Gum Removal
* Pest Control
* 800 Publix Supermarkets!
* More Users Here...

Steam Testimonial:
I got your VC4000 about two months ago and I just wanted to touch base with you. I'm really excited! I just did my numbers for last month and from the steam cleaning alone I made just under $5,000! I need to order more brushes right away...

Steam Testimonial:
We are a reglazing company looking to expand. We got the steamer with many doubts but I have to tell you. Vapor steam really works! We booked our first job one week after getting the unit. We made $1,300 dollars  cleaning 5 rooms. It took one full work day.  Thanks for everything. Joe


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in Stock Now!



145 PSI Vapor Rino Super Duty Commercial
  Vapor Steam Cleaner System + Hot Water & Soap Injection

Free With Every New 4000-C Order!
We Will Beat Any Price! Guaranteed to 30 Days.

Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner
145 PSI = America's Most Powerful 120V 15 Amp All Electric Vapor Steam Cleaner w/ Chemical Injection EVER! Now extractor ready! Super Heated Vapor Steam Cleaner w/ an integrated
Hot Chemical Injection System, 100% Variable Output, Time Saving Continuous Refill Systems, Large Reserve Tanks, Built In Cart, Available in 120 Volt OR INSANE POWER 240 Volt!  Huge Professional Accessories included & More! The best of the best. Extractor Kit Optional


          Free Pocket Constitution W/ Every Order - Citizens Hand Book - KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!


in Stock Now!


List Price: $3,995  
Commercial Steam Cleaner
This is the basic systems with all the bells & whistles. Full 50 accessory kit the VR145, 120 Volt Rino is ready to work. The 120V unit allows you to plug into virtually any standard house hold outlet and get to work. Simplicity! Extractor ready, For OPTIONAL full extractor kit
visit www.VaporRino.com  here or call




Now: $2,895
List Price: $3,995

Online Or By Phone .

In the lower 48 US States Only
Free Shipping Today


Welcome to the 3 in 1, 145 PSI  Vapor Rino Steam System = 2016's America's Most Exciting all electric Eco/ Environmentaly friendly, low water use 120 Volt, 15A, All Electric, mobile steamer. What makes the 3 in 1 120Volt version more attractive to some users then our 230 volt unit? Only one thing really, ease of powering it up. Simply plug it into pretty much any standard USA household power outlet. From moms house to the work place the 120V is easy to plug in & fire up. You can also go 100% mobile with a generator. With water usage ranging from ONLY 1 to 3 gallons of water PER HOUR you will never again be stuck lugging around large water tanks. This system can be used 100% mobile or stationary in your shop or for cleaning your home or restaurant. Going from job site to job site is a snap with the ultra portable 120 volt 3 in 1 Vapor Rino.  If you want more consistency of power, & significantly greater productivity see our powerful 230V version here. Firing up a 230V Rino is easier then you might think. 230V = Max Power = maximum performance.

EXCITING NEWS 9/23/16: Vapor Rino has done it again. Revolutionary! Now introducing the 3 in 1!  #1) It’s a 95% dry vapor steam cleaner, #2) it’s a wet hot water and hot soap injected steam cleaner & now #3) it is a dry or wet steam upholstery extraction powerhouse! (( EXTRACTOR KIT AVALIABLE AT www.VaporRino.com  Just plug your shop vacuum (or other suction source) into the back of the unit & with our optional 7 pc extractor kit you have a full fledged automotive carpet spotter / upholstery extractor! Super heated steam & hot water just does it better! Unlike others our unique design has NO complex integrated circuitry & no overpriced replacement vacuums! If your vacuum ever burns out just run down to your local hardware store & get another! Simplicity, beauty, Vapor Rino! From tile & grout, restroom cleaning, mobile car washing to interior detailing of cars, Vapor Rino has you covered. More information and videos on the 3 in 1 coming. See the 230V here.

Two Versions Available:
240 Volt  click here  (amazing Power!) OR 120 Volt  shown here on this page  

145 PSI - 10 Bars      Integrated Hot Water Injection      High Power 1,800 Watts      Low Water Usage, 1 GPH!      Indoor Safe!      Accessories Included!

Vapor Rino! The New King of the Jungle...
145 PSI, Hot Chemical Injection, Cart, 120 volt 15A
(or 240 volt coming soon), Most Powerful All Electric, 15A Chemical Injected Vapor Steam Cleaner, & extractor ready Ever ALL just around $3,000!

So here it is. You asked and we made it happen. We pushed, prodded and pursued this prize. We worked hard to find an answer for the age old desire for MORE POWER. Since we started working with vapor steam technology way back in the early 1990's, we have always had the same question. Can't anyone make something more powerful? No matter where we looked or how much we were willing to pay the simple answer was that.... it did not yet exist ... UNTIL NOW! Finally Real Power! A Revolutionary vapor system with TWICE the PSI of our best selling steamer the 4000-C 145 PSI or 10 Bars, is simply an awesome number in the dry vapor steam cleaner world. We are excited,,, can you tell? We hope you're excited too. You have wished, you have written us and some of you have even pleaded. Today we offer you a dream come true. The All New Vapor Rino, 145 PSI in 120 Volt (OR the more powerful 240 Volt Version Here) Vapor Rino The best of the best in all electrics. Sometimes referred to as Vapor Rhino.

The Vapor Rino features a 100% adjustable steam flow from zero to 100% output. NEW TO VAPOR SYSTEMS: It also features a fully adjustable chemical injection system. Finally, now you can control exactly how much soap / detergent gets mixed in with your dry vapor output! Control is power! Did we mention it comes with a fully integrated cart system with hose and cord hangers and a basket for your cleaning supplies and accessories? It does!  It also features heavy duty chemical resistant rubberized wheels with a roll safe locking system.  The hose is just under 12 feet long and the power cord is also just under 12 feet long. Add a common heavy duty extension cord and you can extend its reach to just about anywhere at your work site. Don't forget, this amazing system is designed to work in ANY home in the USA or Canada! It utilizes standard 120 volts at just under 15 amps. This means you can plug it in at any location that has power.

See More Videos at www.VaporRino.com

When we first touched the Vapor Rino we were blown away by its solid feel, weight and power. When I pulled it out of the box the first thing that struck me was its solid heavy duty construction and rock solid feel. I was instantly impressed. This is NOT some cheap third world machine. Vapor Rino is a true first world, high quality, all stainless steel  heavy duty machine. The stainless steel handle connects with 4 heavy duty easy turn thumb screws for easy attachment. No tools required! The ease of the handle removal means that it would only take you about 45 seconds to break down for storage. So if you need to go mobile and have a small vehicle like a car, no worries! Just remove the handle and it will fit in even the smallest of cars. My bet is it will fit in most cars even with the handle on. If you have an SUV, there is no question, it will fit right in. One person can easily lift and maneuver this beautiful machine.

Another feature that struck me was the huge chemical and water reserve tanks on the top. Each jug has a 5 liter capacity! The detergent and water jugs easily unplug from the color coded sockets on the side of the unit without tools! This makes them easy to remove for cleaning or storage. Just unplug and lift out. Fantastic capacity, fantastic versatility. Warm up time with the 120 Volt system runs from cold to ready in just 15 minutes. That's a great heat up time. When you roll the machine it feels like the finally crafted heavy commercial steam cleaner it really is.

Some of the other features that make the Vapor Rino stand out from the competition are:  Heat exchange fan system. Yes, after years of asking the fan is on the job. You see, the boiler creates a lot of heat. The fan keeps the electronics cool and running trouble free. This is a powerful feature. Next is the 'real deal' analog pressure gauge. Not a cheap plastic digital gauge. This outstanding gauge reads in both BARS (Bars are the European measurement for pressure) and in PSI. Solid control buttons and brass internal fittings, not cheap plastic. These industrial grade fittings are required for the record high peek PSI generated by the Vapor Rino.  It also features a detachable steam hose for easy storage and replacement.  That's it! The Vapor Rino is simply the best of the best.

When you want raw, more sustainable power you want a 240 Volt version of this steam cleaner system. (Coming Soon) The simple fact is that in a 15 amp, 120 volt environment you can only get just so much steam recovery. Though the 120 Volt Vapor Rino's twin heating element system does an amazing job the 240 Volt version does even better. With 240 volts you get an amazing heat up time and amazing recovery of pressure. Some wonder if it is worth it to get the 240 Volt version. If you can do it, do it!  If you are lucky, you have access to 240 Volts at your location. If that is the case, its probably an easy choice. If you are in the dry carwash business, grout cleaning business, want to sanitize large areas or just get a job done faster, 240 Volt systems fit the bill. Just make sure you have a place to plug it in.

All that being said, the 120 Volt systems will still rock your world. At 145 PSI, you have some amazing blasting power when you pull that trigger. Combine that with the hot chemical injection system and you are really cleaning with power. For most people the 120 Volt version is the ideal choice. I have chosen 120V for myself. I like the fact that with the 120V version I can plug it in anywhere. Weather I'm doing a job or just want to use it at a friends house I always know I will have a place to plug it in. Safe both indoors and outdoors, the Vapor Rino is the worlds most powerful 145 PSI 120 Volt system ever!

Now is your chance to truly own the BEST OF THE BEST in heavy duty 120 or 240 Volt vapor steam cleaners. You can shop around all day long, but you will not find a more powerful unit with Rino's features available in 120 volt, 15A anywhere on the planet!  You have found Vapor Rino, (pronounced Vapor Rhino) the King of the Jungle! If that were not MORE then enough, we have fought to get this beast down below $3000.

The Right Features, Right Power, Right Price, Right NOW!

Features in a nutshell: Powerful 145 PSI Maximum output 95% Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner output Built in Cart Hot Chemical Injection. This feature allows you to inject heated detergent in a spattering pattern mingled with the steam flow for maximum cleaning effect. Steam alone is amazing but some jobs just require a little soap!. Just add water instead of detergent to the chemical injection tank for hot water injection. This is great for rinsing or flushing an area that you are cleaning.  Tip: Simple low cost dawn or Ajax liquid dish soap diluted with water works great. Perhaps a few squirts per gallon of water. Mix unit you get the right soapy output. You can also use wash n wax automotive detergents! The best part is that this industrial vapor steam cleaner is that the chemical injection system is activated right from the steam gun making for instant and easy use. When you inject hot chemical into the super heated steam flow you really amp up your cleaning power! Stubborn grease and grime has little chance with this system. 100% Adjustable steam flow! Just turn the knob right or left to control how fast the steam comes out. From antiques, to delicate intricate work, tile and grout cleaning, auto-detailing, dry car washing, to commercial kitchen cleaning and greasy machine parts the Vapor Rino 145 PSI, 120 Volt Heavy industrial Steam Cleaner has you covered. Lets not forget about its amazing, cool touch, non pressurized easy refill system! This dual tank boiler system allows you to add water to the refill tank while your working! This means you will never turn off & cool down your system just to refill it! Continuous operation means more time on the job and time is money!

Two Versions Available:
120 Volt  shown here on this page
240 Volt  click here  (amazing Power!)

 Must show advertised sale price on web. Shop with confidence. We save you time and money. JRI, Business Made Simple! Read Guarantee Here


NOTE: WE GUARANTEE THE BEST PRICES PERIOD! GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE ON THESE Commercial Steam Cleaners OR WE WILL REFUND THE DIFFERENCE UP TO 30 DAYS AFTER PURCHASE! Shop with confidence. JRI Industries saves you time and money.  See Guarantee Here.




145 PSI Vapor Rino Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner!

 Powerful 145-PSI,  1,750 W Commercial / Industrial Use Dry Vapor Steam Cleaner


 Vapor Rino Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner


. .
  Best Price Guaranteed!

Special Offer #1: Vapor Rino Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner
+ Full Accessory Kit + Injection System + Free Shipping

Special Offer Includes:
Vapor Rino 145 Commercial Steam Cleaner
Integrated Hot Chem Injection (What's This?)
Full Accessory Kit Included (See Below)
FREE Shipping Inside the lower 48 States!
Limited Lifetime Commercial Use Warranty
Online Or By Phone  

 Now: $3,995 $2,895
Now Free Shipping!

In Stock

For More Information Or To Order By Phone Please Call

Or Order Instantly Now!

  Best Price Guaranteed!

Special Offer #2:  Vapor Rino Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner
+ Full Accessory Kit + Injection System + Free Shipping + 15 Extra Brushes

Replacement 1-inch Detail Cleaning & Grout Brushes  STEEL / NYLON / BRASS

Special Offer Includes:

Vapor Rino 145 Commercial Steam Cleaner
Integrated Hot Chem Injection (What's This?)
Full Accessory Kit Included (See Below)
5 Extra Stainless Steel Detail Brushes
5 Extra Brass Detail Brushes
5 Extra Nylon Grout / Detail Brushes
FREE Shipping Inside the lower 48 States!
Limited Lifetime Commercial Use Warranty
Online Or By Phone  

 Now: $4,140 $2,934
                                                         Now Free Shipping!

In Stock

For More Information Or To Order By Phone Please Call

Or Order Instantly Now!

  Best Price Guaranteed!

Special Offer #3:  Vapor Rino Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner
+ Full Accessory Kit + Injection System + Free Shipping + 45 Extra Brushes

Replacement 1-inch Detail Cleaning & Grout Brushes  STEEL / NYLON / BRASS

Special Offer Includes:

Vapor Rino 145 Commercial Steam Cleaner
Integrated Hot Chem Injection (What's This?)
Full Accessory Kit Included (See Below)
15 Extra Stainless Steel Detail Brushes
15 Extra Brass Detail Brushes
15 Extra Nylon Grout / Detail Brushes
FREE Shipping Inside the lower 48 States!
Limited Lifetime Commercial Use Warranty
Online Or By Phone  

 Now: $4,230  $2,999
Now Free Shipping!

In Stock

For More Information Or To Order By Phone Please Call

Or Order Instantly Now!


All items are fully covered by the Manufacturer Warrantee. All units are factory new and tested before shipment. Orders are not refundable. All sales are final. See our Warranty & Our Policies. Shipping:  Items usually ship out UPS within 1 to 2 business days except weekends & holidays. Expect 5 to 7 days from that. Express shipping is available at checkout.


Perfect For The Professional That Want Industrial Steam Cleaner Power & Powerful Results!
Best Price Guaranteed!

Two Versions Available:

120 Volt  shown here on this page
240 Volt  click here  (amazing Power!)


      Vapor Rino Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner Specifications

  Body:   High Grade Stainless Steel Body & Boiler   Refill Tank:   5 Liters Capacity h2o - 5 Liters Capacity Detergent
  Color:   Silver- Stainless Steel / Black Trim   Steam Generator/Boiler:   1.7 Liter Capacity
  Heating Core:    Powerful 1,750 Watts -  120 Volts   Steam Run Time Per Fill:   Continuous, Add water to tank anytime!
  Steam Hose:   Detachable For Easy Storage & Replacement   Initial Heating Time:   About 14 Minutes
  Power Supply:   Powerful  -  120 Volts   Steam Temperature:   Produces 210˚- 240˚ F. Steam at tip
  Pressure in PSI:   Maximum Output 145 PSI Max Pressure - 100% Adjustable!   Boiler Temperature:   298°+ boiler temp
  Pressure In Bars:   10 Bar Maximum   Steam Output:   100% Adjustable
  Power Cord:  11.7' Power Cord  W/ Onboard Cord Wrap   Mode of Operation #1:   95% "Dry" Vapor Steam Output
: Weight & Size:   50 pounds      Size: 21x16x36.5 inches   Mode of Operation #2:   Hot Injection System activated on steam gun!
  Water Capacity:   10 Liters Total Includes Refill tanks & Boiler Tank   Online Manual:  
  Internal Flow Control:   Solenoid Operated Steam Control    Warranty:  

  Included Accessories...


12 Foot Hose & Steam Gun 3 Nylon Grout / Detail Brushes Easy Finger Tip Steam Activation On Gun
2 Stand & Clean Insulated Aluminum 18" Poles 3 Brass Metal Detail Brush Easy Hot Water Activation On Gun
11" Floor Head - Large Mop / Brush tool Nylon Medium Round Brush Easy Indicator Lights
Black Jet Nozzle Detail Tool Nylon Brush Large Easy Pressure Adjustment Knob
Long Metal Jet Nozzle Detail Took 1 Large Triangle brush W/ Cloth Clips Easy Quick Connects For Hose & Attachments
Smooth Surface / Glass Squeegee Large Cotton Floor Mop Head  
*  Full Manufacturer Warrantee. Orders are not refundable. All sales are final. Nozzle tip temperatures may vary depending upon working environment, duration of use & attachments.

Manufacture Lifetime Warranty:  Lifetime on Boiler  |  1 Yr. Parts & Labor  |  3 Yrs. Parts
More On Our Policies. FAQ's Here. If you have a problem with a unit simply call us and we will direct you to the nearest service center. Steamer warranties implied or expressed are that of the US TPA importer.  Orders are not refundable for any reason. All sales are final. If you receive a unit damaged during shipping or defective, naturally  we will exchange it immediately at no cost to you. Orders outside the lower US 48 states may have an additional shipping charge

4000-S Vapor Steam Cleaner

VC 4000-S Vapor Full Commercial Steam Cleaner
Best Price Guaranteed!


4000-C Vapor Steam Cleaner

VC 4000-C Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner Best Price Guaranteed! NOW ONLY: $1,295
Our Best Seller!)

5000-Ci Vapor Steam Cleaner

VC 5000-Ci Industrial Chemical Injection Steam Cleaner Best Price Guaranteed!
Super Vapor 6 Steam Cleaner

Vapor-6 Heavy Industrial Chemical Injected Steam Cleaner w/Cart Best Price Guaranteed!
Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner Heavy Duty Vapor Steam Cleaner


T1 T2 MR100 VC 3000-R GO-E20 1500 3000-X 4000-S Stealth 2000 4000-C 5000-Ci



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VIDEOS: Vapor Rino Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner

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    Vapor Rino Videos Commercial Steam Cleaner
         NOTE: VAPOR RINO New Videos Coming Soon


Grout & Tile Cleaning - Time Test Video
A Industrial Steam Cleaner On The Job!
Video #1 The Vapor Rino In Action. Cleaning a car = Dry Car Wash System
Vapor Rino Commercial Steam Cleaner Introduction
Commercial Restroom Cleaning - Janitorial Work
Using Our Industrial Steam Cleaner
Dry Car Washing - Mobile Detailing
Using Our Industrial Steam Cleaner
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning With Steam
Using a Commercial Steam Cleaner
Auto Detail Leather Seat Steam Cleaner Watch a Steam Cleaner Clean a Moldy Table Steam Mopping - Hard Wood & Other Floors
Using Home & Industrial Steam Cleaners
 See ALL Videos Here



PHOTOS: Vapor Rino 145 PSI Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner

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     Mouse over an image below for larger view
Two Versions Available:

120 Volt  shown here on this page
240 Volt  click here  (amazing Power!)
Vapor Rino 145 PSI
Heavy commercial Steam Cleaner
America's Most Powerful 120 Volt, 15amp All Electric
Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner
Vapor Rino 145 PSI
Close up of lower body
Vapor Rino 145 PSI, 120V
Injections system & Continuous Fill
100% Variable Steam Flow and
Chemical Flow Controls!
Easy to use Flow Control System Vapor Rino Front
Easy Accessory Kit INCLUDED!
Everything You Need To Work.
Easy Quick Connect Steam Hose Port
Removable Hose Means
Easy Storage & Replacement
Thumb switches on gun activate
the steam and injection system
Easy Fingertip Controls! Thumb on chemical injection
& Index Finger On
Easy Steam Trigger. Under Grip
Upholstery Cleaning in a Car Hot Soap Injection or Hot Water Injection on demand!
Also features 95% dry steam mode
Clean & Sanitize AC Coils. Increase Efficiency
Save Money on Energy!
Clean & Sanitize Baseboard Heaters
& Heat exchange.
Clean Mechanical Parts!
Sanitize and Clean Hardwood Floors
and Hard Surfaces
5000-Ci Grout Cleaning (Video) Janitorial Work: Clean Bathrooms, Kitchens,
Facilities. Clean and sanitize while you work!
Large Triangle Brush in action
Ideal for the Auto Detailer
& the
Mobile Dry Car Wash!
Restore Leather & Vinyl Seats
Automotive Detailers Dream Come True
Clean Plastic, Vinyl, and more.
Remove wrinkles while you work!
Clean Engines, Battery Compartments & More
Mobile Automotive Detailing Car Detailing, Clean Upholstered Surfaces The Perfect Detail Machine Tires & Rims. Clean the entire outside
of the car with one machine.
Ultra Portable
Upholstery Cleaning in a Car HOT SOAP INJECTION OPTIONAL: Steam Pan Kills Bed Bugs & Pests!
Also Removes Wall Paper. Click Image For info
OPTIONAL: Cone Is Designed to kill Drain Flies.
Most Commonly used in Restaurants For Flies



What's Included: Vapor Rino Vapor Steam Cleaner

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       What Comes With Your Vapor Rino Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner?
Everything you see in the images below is included & more!

    Free With Every New 4000-C Order!
Two Versions Available:
120 Volt  shown here on this page
240 Volt  click here  (amazing Power!)

You Get the Vapor Rino Sanitizing, Commercial Steam Cleaner with Hot Chemical or Disinfectant Injection System - Easy Fingertip Gun Activated!
The Full, Ready to Work Professional Accessory Kit show here!
Extra Long 12 Foot long insulated detachable steam hose system with easy fingertip controls
3 Modes of Operation: 96% Dry Vapor Steam
  Hot Chemical Injection  Hot Water Injection (add water instead of Chem)
Basic Industrial Steam Cleaner Operations Manual
Limited Lifetime Warranty - Full Commercial Industrial Steam Cleaner Warranty

  Industrial Steam Cleaner Accessories  Included Standard:  
  1. One EXTRA Chemical injection / Hot water injection jug for easy swapping of chemicals! Total of TWO chem jugs and One water refill jug. 3 Jugs in all!
  2. Long metal single hole jetted detail nozzle
  3. Short plastic single hole jetted detail nozzle
  4. Short black 3 hole jetted detail nozzle
  5. Three Stainless Steel 1" detail brushes that fit the single hole or 3 hole nozzles mentioned above
  6. Three Brass 1" detail brushes that fit the single hole or 3 hole nozzles mentioned above
  7. Three Nylon  1" detail brushes that fit the single hole or 3 hole nozzles mentioned above
  8. One approximately 3" Medium round nylon brush for medium surfaces like counter tops, floors and sinks.
  9. One approximately 3" Medium round Metal Brass brush for medium surfaces like counter tops, floors and sinks.
  10. One approximately 3" Medium triangle Metal Stainless Steel brush for heavy duty scrubbing power.
  11. One window steam squeegee. Great for glass, mirrors, smooth surfaces like stainless steel, ceramic & more.
  12. Two heavy duty insulated, stand & clean professional grade, light weight aluminum extension poles. 18" each.
  13. One heavy duty insulated, aluminum 9" pole for short reaches or to extend the other poles for tall users.
  14. One 12 foot extra long insulated, detachable steam hose.
  15. Advanced Steam Control Gun built into steam hose. Allows you to activate hot chemical injection &/or steam with easy finger tip controls!
  16. One Large cotton floor mop / wipe cloth.
  17. One Extra large easy attach microfiber steam mop head (blue and white cloth in picture) for cleaning hard floor surfaces
  18. Large heavy duty triangle jetted brush & and hand held steam mop with lockable swivel head and mounted towel clips.
  19. Large heavy duty  11+ inch multi use steam mop head with swivel lockable head and mounted towel clips.
  20. Basic Operations Manual for the Industrial Steam Cleaner
  21. Limited Lifetime Warranty (1 year parts & labor, 3 years parts, lifetime of the boiler) Industrial Steam Cleaner

Free With Every New 4000-C Order!


MORE INFO: Vapor Rino Commercial Vapor Steam Cleaner

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MORE INFORMATION: Vapor Rino Heavy Commercial Steam Cleaner


96% Dry Vapor Steam      Integrated Hot Water Injection      High Power 1,800 Watts      Low Water Usage, 1 GPH!      Indoor Safe!      Accessories Included!



PEST CONTROL: Bed Bugs are a big issue these days. Everyone wants them gone and gone NOW. One of the greatest options for killing bed bugs, lice, flees and other biological contaminates is super heated steam. When done right steam kills both the insect and the eggs on contact. Our new Bug Zapper Steam pan (see picture to left) does an amazing job of encapsulating and concentrating steam to kill bugs. We also have a new tool for combating drain flies in restaurants. These pesky flies live in the sludge found close to the top of kitchen drains and can become a big problem. Simply place the steam cone (picture to left) over the drain and steam for about 4 minutes. This will super heat the pipe and kill the insects. Often the steam will kill what chemicals wont! You see, the chemicals don't penetrate the thick layers of food and grease often found in these drains. By super heating the drain head, you cook everything in it including the flies and their eggs. The cone can also be used for bed bug eradication and wall paper and sticker removal.

     Vinyl Lettering & Wall Paper Removal: The Bug Zapper is also the perfect wall paper remover. Simply place the pan on the area of the wall to be cleared, steam and peel off the wall paper. You can also use this approach for stickers or vinyl lettering on trucks & cars. I used steam to strip my old work truck of the company vinyl lettering logos and phone numbers. It is a great alternative to a heat gun with less risk. NOTE: You do not need the steam pan to do this work. You can use the included large floor brush or triangle brush with a cloth over it. That is how I removed my vinyl lettering. The steam pan simply encapsulates the heat better. Both the fly cone and the bug pan can be used for either of these jobs but are not required.

   The grout cleaning business is an exploding industry with the potential to make you thousands of dollars a week. Before 1999 the grout cleaning business was virtually unheard of. Now it is growing rapidly. Some claim that you require an expensive truck mounted system to do this kind of work. It just isn't true. Our guess is the individual telling you this is simply trying to sell you on their product line or perhaps keep you out of the business all together. Another possibility is that they don't know about the steam option or have had no practical experience with a quality commercial vapor steam cleaner. By the way, we do sell these truck mount style high speed tile & grout cleaners.

    Cleaning Grout, How Fast? How fast can a Vapor Steam Cleaner clean grout? That is one of the most common questions we are asked. Check out our time test video to see grout cleaning timed live! Typically, you can clean the floor grout of one foot by one foot square (1'x1' or large = most common floor tile size) tiles at an average rate of 200 to 300 square feet per hour. Naturally, that depends on the tile size (larger tile = less grout =  often cleans faster) grout condition, steamer power, working conditions and other factors. In the time test video we cleaned 56 square feet with the VC 4000 C in 7 minutes, that's not including wiping or sucking up the dirty moisture left behind on the tile. With clean up time it came to10 minutes to clean the whole 56 square foot section. So lets estimate down to give the benefit of the doubt. If you had one person working the steamer covering 50 square feet approximately every 10 minutes it is safe to say you could accomplish the cleaning of 300 square feet of  per hour. Two men working with two steamers should be able to clean from 500 to 600 square feet per hour including clean up time.  If you are charging 75 cents (prices vary nation wide) per square foot you just earned from $375 to $450 for one hours labor!  There is no question, vapor steam cleaners are great for home and commercial grout cleaning. Naturally, results may vary. Please watch the grout cleaning videos. It is one thing to read about something, it is another to see it.

     With Just Renew-It's complete line of commercial and industrial vapor steam cleaners even those on a budget can break into the grout cleaning, house keeping and janitorial business. Vapor steam cleaners are easy to use and ultra portable unlike those ultra expensive, bulky, truck mounted systems. Another advantage to these powerful PORTABLE vapor steam cleaning systems is that they can go almost anywhere and plug into standard 120V household outlets. Try getting a truck mounted system into an apartment building or a high rise living unit. It just won't happen. It's no wonder so many truck mounted system owners are adding vapor steam cleaners to their carpet cleaning, grout cleaning, maid service or restoration businesses.

     Are you ready to start earning money? It has never been easier to start your own business. If you are already in the cleaning industry or you are just looking to make easy money starting your own cleaning business you can benefit from our versatile, powerful line of vapor steam cleaners and steam cleaning machines.

     Here are some commercial applications. Clean air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating coils for a fee and save your customers on their utility bills. See AC & Heating coil cleaning video - Click here. Use one of our commercial grade steamers to clean dirty grout joints in homes, businesses, hotels, restaurants, and more. Floor grout cleaning is a rapidly growing industry and now you can cash in on it with our powerful line of vapor steam cleaners. Disinfecting bedding, instantly killing dust mites in mattresses for hotels, hospitals and homes. Use in the pest control industry for killing Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and more.  Clean public & private bathrooms and so much more. The possibilities are endless. Your time is now. Unlock your potential and start or add on to your own business today!

     100% ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, A powerful sales pitch! You can sell your new vapor steam cleaning service to your customers using a 'chemical free' sales pitch. As many of you may know indoor pollution is a hot topic these days. You can offer an environmentally safe, allergy and asthma friendly, no chemical, all natural vapor steam cleaning service.  Carpet cleaning services, check our our carpet cleaning page  You may also want to check out our portable extractor and Power Wand Tile Spinner for faster grout cleaning.

     Vapor Steam Cleaners are great for commercial and industrial applications as well as home use. Great for use in the grout cleaning business, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, janitorial services, offices, auto garages, motorcycle shops (a great detail tool), jewelers shops, private homes and so much more! When you want cleaning power you want one of these great professional grade steaming machines! Not only are they powerful and have a million uses they are a pleasure to work with. Clean the safe, chemical free vapor steamer way today! Order now. See sample video here OR Read More HereClick Here to see more BEFORE & AFTER Pictures

     For a moment, just imagine your home or business without harmful chemicals. Imagine no longer filling your environment up with harmful fumes from unknown toxic substances every time you clean. Well, imagine no more. Vapor Steam Cleaning is the solution to your indoor pollution problems. Now you can clean and disinfect surfaces WITHOUT the use of harmful chemicals. Vapor steam cleaners are fast, fun and easy. Order your steamer today! See Pictures Here  OR Watch Video Here 


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FAQ: VC Vapor Rino Steam Cleaner Most Common Questions

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  FAQ Vapor Steam Cleaners  



What's a Vapor Steam Cleaner?

What Is A Vapor Steam Cleaner?:
A vapor steam cleaner is a machine that generates super heated steam vapor inside of a sealed internal boiler system. Through a series of ports the dry steam is directed out of the boiler, down the hose and out any of the various cleaning attachments. These systems put out an amazing 95% or higher dry steam. The steam is so dry that you can shoot the steam into the air and have virtually no water hit the floor. Most, depending upon the specific type of steam cleaner, they will often use as little as one gallon of water over the course of a whole hour of not stop cleaning or sanitizing! This is pretty amazing indeed. This low water usage makes a vapor steam cleaner ideally suited for use in your home, office or place of business. They are designed and perfectly suited for indoor use. that being said, the have hundreds of applications for use in the outdoors. Note, this type of steamer is not, nor does it have a vacuum. Frankly, it is not needed. A simple face-cloth or towel is all you need to wipe up after cleaning. By the way, virtually all of our steam cleaners plug into a standard US outlet! No special power requirements.

A vapor steam cleaner is commonly used for cleaning and sanitizing. We will get much more specific later on, for now we will just give you an over view of some of the jobs our steam cleaners are being used on every day! With thousands of satisfied customers from home owners, contractors, major corporations, US Government agencies to the US Military. Our line of vapor steam cleaner systems are put to the test every day.

Some of the most common uses are cleaning tile and grout, cleaning and sanitizing hard wood floors, tile floors, and other hard surfaces. They are heavily used in the Janitorial business for cleaning restrooms, commercial kitchens, eating areas, locker rooms. Home owners love using them to dust, clean TV's, hard surfaces, tile and grout, spot cleaning of their carpets, detailing their car, cleaning jewelry, sanitizing their bathroom toilets and much more. Both home owners and contractors alike are finding steam cleaners powerfully effective in killing bedbugs, dust mites, viruses and bacteria. Perfect for sanitizing bedding and pillows after someone has been sick. The list goes on. There are thousands of uses for a good vapor steam cleaner. In other sections we will cover each topic in detail.


What Are Some Features Available on a Steam Cleaner?

Dry Steam Cleaners:

Not all steam cleaner are created equal. Lets take a few moments to look at some of the primary features available on steam cleaners today. All dry vapor steam cleaners should produce a pretty dry steam. All of our units provide you with a powerful flow of dry vapor steam up to 96% dry. The dry steam is a standard features an all such steam cleaners. Our home use VC3000 Red Steam Cleaner and our VC3000X Light Commercial Steam Cleaner as well as our MR-100 steamer offer just that, clean, pure dry steam and at affordable prices.

Dry Steam Cleaner Applications: There are literally thousands of applications for a steam cleaner. We often hear back from our customers with unique and very specific uses they have found for their steam cleaners. Their super heated steam is perfect for sanitizing surfaces. Remember that the FDA only requires temperatures of 150 degrees F. to pasteurize milk and juice. This temperature is perfect for killing bacteria and other pathogens. Our dry vapor steam cleaner systems reach temperatures well over 210 degrees F at the nozzle tip. These temperatures far exceed FDA standards! But wait, its not just about sanitizing right? No, its also about cleaning. The super heated pressurized steam does an amazing job of releasing dirt and grease from the microscopic pours of a surface. Some consider steam as the indispensable tool when it comes to deep cleaning of surfaces. Cleaning and sanitizing are just the tip of the ice burg. In later sections we will tackle specific cleaning applications for your new steam cleaner.

Hot Water Injection Steam Cleaners

Some steam cleaner systems offer hot water injection. This is a powerful feature that can be a big help in some cleaning situations. Our 4000-S Steam Cleaner, 4000-C Steam Cleaner, 5000-C- Steam Cleaner as well as our Super Vapor 6 Steam Cleaners all offer hot water injection as well as dry steam vapor as standard, include options.

So, what is hot water injection? Simply put, this feature allows you to activate a very wet steam feature with a push of a button on your steam cleaner or steam cleaners gun. Simply activate the hot water injector and out comes a blast of super heated water in a sort of spitting / spattering spray mingled with the steam. This can be a powerful cleaning and rinsing tool. Personally, after having used all of these steam cleaners I would always want at least a hot water injection system.

What is it used for? There is no one answer as there are thousands of possible uses for a steam cleaner. Let me give you some examples from my personal experience. In my early years using steam cleaners I pretty much did not know about hot water injection. My first unit was the 4000-S. Though I played with it I never really use the hot water injection until one day when the lights came on sort of speak. You see, I was cleaning windows and their tracks at our home. You know, a standard window that goes up and down that has a glass and screen behind it. Well, often these end up with spider webs and dust and grime build up over time. As I was cleaning with the dry steam only I found it was taking longer then I wanted. The dry vapor steam cleaner was doing a good job cleaning but dry steam alone has little rinsing power. I was having to work the dirt down the tracks. I decided to give the hot water injection a shot. I was absolutely amazed at the difference. Until that time I told people the injection system was for rinsing only. Well, it not only rinsed those tracks down but it helped clean them too. A track that would have taken 30 seconds now only took maybe 5 seconds to do. Just have some terry towels to catch the moisture.

Another example: Some years later I had upgraded to the more powerful 4000-C steam cleaner. My friends had just purchased a home and were cleaning it up. They had pulled out the stove to clean behind it and discovered years of ugly grease caked on to the tile wall. Laurie went to work with the steam and it was cleaning nicely but not rapidly. I advised her to try the hot water injection. Later on she excitedly told what a huge difference it made. I forget the exact quote but it was something like this. "I was using the steam cleaner to scrub the grease behind the stove but when I turned on the hot water injection it was amazing, it was soooooo much better!" Laurie was very impressed and I was happy to hear it. Steam alone does an amazing job but when you add a little rinsing action it can really help to break up grease and grime faster.

One more example: I made a steam cleaner video for the dry car washing industry a few years ago. I used the 4000-S Steam Cleaner. In dry steam mode it worked great. However, with a flick of the hot water injection button I was able to triple the speed of the cleaning. Now be advised, if you run the steam cleaners hot water injection all the time you will go through water faster. I find that when I'm cleaning in the janitorial range I use the injection button only once in a while. Most cleaning is done in dry steam mode only but when needed, hot water injection makes a huge difference when steam cleaning. Personally, I would never be without it.

Chemical / Hot Detergent Injection Steam Cleaners

Some of our systems have what is called chemical injection or hot detergent injection. The 4000-C Does not have this feature. These steam cleaner injection tanks can be filled with either detergent or simple water allowing you the best of both the worlds of hot water injection and chemical injection. If you are going to do a lot of greasy work, sticker removal, bubble gum removal and all around greasy grimy work or just want to add an additional sanitizing agent you want a chemical injection steam cleaner. We offer two top of the line chemical injection steam cleaner systems. The 5000-Ci Steam Cleaner and the Super Vapor 6 Steam Cleaner. I like the 5000-Ci due to its slightly higher wattage, compact size and much lower price. It is truly commercial / industrial grade.

What is it used for? If you read the section above on hot water injection you have a good idea. Remember the section where my friend Laurie was cleaning the grease with the steam cleaner I loaned her? Well, if she had a hot detergent injection system the job would have gone even faster. The detergent also helps with the wipe up after. The detergent breaks up the grease molecules faster and more efficiently leaving a grease free surface.

Who's using Chem injection Steam Cleaners? Thousands of commercial kitchens, restaurants, hotels and home owners have chosen to go with the best of the best, a hot water and chemical injection steam cleaner. These systems give you three functions in one unit. First, a super heated dry steam vapor sanitizer, Second a hot water injection steam cleaner and third, fill the chemical tank with detergent and now you are really cleaning with ultimate power. The potential uses are endless. From greasy kitchen grills, deep fryers, ice-cream machines, auto mechanic work, degreasing of parts, jewelry cleaning, antique detailing, auto detail for car interiors, dry car wash, application of zip wax for cars, tile surfaces, and so much more. Of course, that is just talking about the chemical injection part of these steam cleaner systems. You can of course do everything else a dry vapor steam cleaner can do such as floor grout cleaning, steam mopping of tile and hard wood floors and so much more. No matter what steam cleaner you pick, vapor steam cleaners work!

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Powerful Steam Cleaner Technology Works!

From sanitary steam mopping and powerful tile & grout cleaning to commercial cleaning of restrooms, restaurant equipment, printing presses, bed bug removal, pest control and more. A commercial vapor steam machine or vapor steam cleaner is one of the most versatile pieces of cleaning equipment on the planet! From home to heavy commercial, industrial and military grade use, we have the right steam cleaning equipment and steam machine for your specific needs! We also have a large selection of other cleaning technologies and equipment as well. Click here for more. If you are not sure which vapor steamer is best for your specific needs give us a call, we can help help you with your decision. We hope hear from you soon!


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~   Using state of the art technology and intuitive high tech designs manufactures are now beginning to create cleaning powerhouses.
 Our finally crafted, Italian made Dry Vapor Commercial Steam Cleaners and Steam Cleaners were the VERY FIRST BRAND OF VAPOR STEAM CLEANERS EVER SOLD IN THE US. The competition falsely make this claim ONLY because they use to carry our product line! Even though they now carry a different product line, (not the original) they shamelessly continue to use this as a sales pitch. Ours is the most widely used brand of commercial steam cleaners in the United States Of America.
 Note, "Vapor Steam Cleaners",  "Steam Cleaners", "Steamers" and "Dry Vapor Steam Cleaners" are used interchangeably through the web site.
 Our home and commercial steam cleaners have and continue to prove them selves and have been put to the test by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of homes, hotels, motels, restaurants, fast food places, military bases, factories, supermarkets, janitorial businesses, commercial cleaning contractors and many more. The are a 100% PROVEN TECHNOLOGY!
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 Another big difference is at Just Renew-It! you will be treated with the respect you deserve. We will take as much time as needed to explain the difference between our many commercial vapor steam cleaners, hard surface cleaners, carpet extractors etc. You will find we have a wealth of knowledge that we openly share.
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~   Be aware that there are some dubious vendors that claim to be the worlds first, and the worlds best with millions of square feet of factory space (that is not in fact their steam cleaner factory, just their suppliers factory!) or sites that use phony, homemade and outdated "comparison charts" or "consumer reviews" to trick you into thinking that their unit is some how better. At Just Renew-It! we prefer to take the straight forward honest approach.
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  Just Renew-It! offers a wide range of products from multiple manufactures, although virtually all of your vapor steam cleaners come from once source. Our steam cleaners, pressure washers, carpet cleaners and other products number into the hundreds. More = More Choices!
~   Other companies will sell anything to make a buck. Just Renew-It! carefully hand picks its products based on reputation. We only pick the best of the best. One example, our wet steam cleaners were invented in 1927 and was the first steam pressure washer in the world and remains a world leader in INDUSTRIAL grade steam pressure washing systems.
~   Our steam cleaners were picked for their time in service and reputation. Our vapor steam cleaner product line was the first dry vapor steam systems ever to be used or sold in the United States. Before that, there were only wet steam pressure washer systems.
~   Many other vendors only have one vapor steam cleaner that they sell! Just One! Do you really think they will try to pass you on to a bigger, better or even smaller vapor steamer when they don't carry one? If you want an honest opinion you have to have choices.
 Other companies sell hundreds and even thousands of items both related and unrelated. These sites often have short, inadequate descriptions of there low quality plastic home use steamer products. When you call them to ask a question you find the answering service simply refers you back to the ad you called on in the first place. Just Renew-It's professionals are happy to assist you with your home or commercial steam cleaner questions.
~   Just Renew-It! has a full line of home vapor steam cleaners, commercial steam cleaners and heavy duty dry vapor industrial steam cleaner systems featuring state of the art continuous fill technology, hot chemical injection systems, integrated steam vacuums and dual heating element technology.
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