Auto Detail Upholstery Extractors When you want the bets!

Upholstery Cleaner - Automotive Detail Extractors by Mytee - Elite Class

When you want the best in the world, you want a Mytee! Mytee Upholstery extractors are second to none in quality and performance
More about this Video: The VC4000-S is a great system. You can learn more about it here
About this Video: This video is a shot of the Elite Class automotive detailing extractors at work. You will watch us clean 1/2 of a SUV seat. The results will speak for them selves. From filthy and neglected to like brand new in a matter of minutes. There is no doubt every auto detailer should own a vapor steam cleaner but an extractor is also a MUST have if you are serious about your work. Mytee delivers where others can't. If you are considering investing in your automotive detailing business, you should strongly consider getting a Mytee Upholstery Extractor. Check out our great selection below. See our Upholstery Extractor Comparison chart here.  You can also VIEW ALL Mobile Auto Detailing Upholstery Extractors here.
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Today's Feature Video
Today's Feature Video
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