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ABOUT: Mytee Firebird VS1500 Auto Detailing Steam Cleaner - Product Information Video

Learn about the VS1500 Firebird Steam Cleaner and its features.
About this Video: See the Mytee VS1500 Firebird up close. Watch it tackle sinks, mirrors, urinals, toilets, walls, floors and more. This is a very good low priced commercially warrantee steam cleaner by Mytee. Good for auto detail work and much more. If you are on a budget and can not afford a Vapor Rino (the best) or even the legendary VC 4000-C this low cost commercial steam cleaner might be for you.

Our environmentally friendly systems are ideal for all kinds of janitorial uses. Use as little as 1 gallon of water every hour of cleaning.  Our steam systems are second to none. This video was shot using the Mytee Firebird, Get prices & more info here.
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Today's Feature Video
Today's Feature Video
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